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We are failures
Jan 6, 09 2:56 AM
Good news, everyone!
Oct 10, 08 11:24 AM
The system, is down
Oct 10, 08 12:42 AM
Level 5!
Oct 3, 08 2:43 AM
The Legion's road to victory begins
Sep 28, 08 9:22 PM
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Welcome to the official site of the Legion of Doom in Warhammer Online.  We are a destruction guild on the Ungrim server.

We are failures

Gragdesh, Jan 6, 09 2:56 AM.
We sort of got sidetracked by other games for a while, and then everyone quit the guild.  So no one is probably reading this.  Whatever.

Good news, everyone!

Gragdesh, Oct 10, 08 11:24 AM.
The server appears to have been fixed, and guilds, world chat, etc. are working.

The system, is down

Gragdesh, Oct 10, 08 12:42 AM.
Right now a lot of people, perhaps all people, on Ungrim and other servers are experiencing issues with their guild information being seemingly erased and their friends lists disappearing, among other things.  Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon and we'll all be able to access the guild interface again soon.

Level 5!

Gragdesh, Oct 3, 08 2:43 AM.
The guild has reached guild level 5! This means we now have our first standard.  I have chosen myself (Thakor) as the first standard bearer.

The Legion's road to victory begins

Gragdesh, Sep 28, 08 9:22 PM.
We have our own site, a vent server, and now all we need are more members.  Recruit as many people as you can so we can level the guild up faster!
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