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Aug 25, 08 8:33 PM
The calling
Aug 20, 08 9:05 PM
Greetings servents of the Dark Side,

Welcome to the Deciples of Ragnos, you have been chosen to become part of the dark order that wishes to resurrect the ancient Sith Lord Marka Ragnos. To do so we collect dark beings from all over the galaxy to join our cult and cause. Before we can finally bring back our dark lord from the limbo abyss our cult must grow and we have to siphon the force from all over the galaxy to fill our master with enough force to live and walk the planets once more!
  There is much work to do, much is needed to be done before going through with our plans. We must siphen enough energy from different worlds to bring our dark lord back. This means we have to set up a base on every planet to secure our defense and plans. This will take extreme organization and is one of our long term goals. Members will be kept updated here at our archives so check in frequenty.

(From the description above we are a RP clan, and we hope to be known as a very hard and recognized cult in Star Wars Galaxies Emu. Feel free to look around the website and check everything out. Besides and heavy RP we will enforce we really want to be tight knit...with this website and a vent we have set up communication should be easy aside from the game.

Also be sure to check out our information bar to the left about the history and ranks of our cult they are important to know because it revolves around our guild's main RP. If you run into any problems contact me.)

Overlord Garet Jax



539913712_Inactive, Aug 25, 08 8:33 PM.
The iron fist of the dark side will come to be realized again, we must establish a main base on a planet first, please move to the voting section and vote on what planet you want to place our base on.

The calling

539913712_Inactive, Aug 20, 08 9:05 PM.
The great calling has once more began and cultists from all over the galaxy are coming to join our cause. Its important to gain many members for our sucess so we have much work to do.

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