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IllSouls guild

IllSoul is a very young guild looking for leaders, graphic artists, and ppl that want to help start and be apart of something new.

I plan on having different teams or companies within the guild. What company members will be placed in is determined by lvl, how long the member has been in the guild and which class a company needs. The companies are solely for raid and battle organization, vent and strategies. It does not determine who is better or who I am closer with. The guild will be built as a team.

Read the info section on the left for more on how the guild works.


537311365_Inactive, Oct 14, 08 7:52 PM.
There's a couple things that im working on right now. If you guys have anything to bring up post on the forums, shoot me a mail, or bring it up in chat.


I've put a post on Ill keep you guys posted on how many ppl answer. Pls sign up for the rosters even if you are already in the guild. If you guys want to check it out I've linked it here.

Once we get a good group of at least 6 people that play regularly ill buy a vent for us. For now we can use the public vent. If you need vent info:

Port: 9160

New website banner
Im working on a couple of banners to give you guys a choice on how our site should look. My photoshop skills aren't that l33t so if you have any skills feel free to post some on the forums. Once i've gathered all the banners that you guys and I have made ill make a poll for us to vote.

In-Guild contests
Im thinking about implenting an in-guild contest. I have a couple of 2 month pre-paid cards for warhammer that im wiling to let go to some loyal guild members. Ill give details as soon as we have enough guild members. I might even have a recruiting contests, so stay tuned for that.

Other than that I just want to say Thanks for viewing the site. Keep leveling and recruiting.

Looking for web designer.

537311365_Inactive, Aug 21, 08 6:40 PM.
Welcome to all who joined. Im in the process of looking for someone to fix up our site. Let me know if any of you have any ideas or can fix the site up. That would be greatly appreciated.
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