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The Meltdown of December 15th

Octaevius, Dec 17, 08 7:53 AM.
Well, I've been thinking of how and what to write on this issue, but I think it's best I just write from the top of my head and let you read and decide what you think.  Feel free to comment on it and provide your input and feedback.

There is a member, who's been with the guild for a while.  He has over the weeks become a bit more vocal in the /g chat and occasionally he offends other members with comments about race, sexual orientation and other touchy subjects.  He thinks he's making a joke, some laugh, and others complain.. and we get "division" in the guild.

On this evening of the 15th of December, there was a "joke" being told and after the joke, this member called some of the membership "gay" for their reactions.  Needless to say, this was the last straw for another member (a very valued and generally liked member) who was sick of the "gay bashing" the he perceived was being tolerated in /g by the leadership, and he just up and quit.  This of course alarmed the officers (who mostly happen to be on line at the time), and debate ensued in the /o chat.  The position of some was that /g should be "safe" for all, and a place for general chat, not a place for politics, religion, sex, and foul language.  Others felt that "we're all grown" and we should be able to say what we want.  It was a classic "libertarian vs. conservative" debate except that two of the officers who were in favor of a totally free and open chat begin to act in ways that were, how shall I say.. "unbecoming of an officer" and began to throw tantrums rather than debate like grownups.  To be fair, there were also others who were for a more open /g that were willing to make cogent and polite debate points and work to change the (now defunct - please read below the new policy) guild policy of no bad words, and no offensive language in /g.  Two of these officers left during this heated debate over protest and another member from the general membership left because we didn't discipline the "offending" member harshly enough, he felt.  So we really couldn't win.... on one hand we lost members over being too strict and on the other hand we lost members because we weren't strict enough.

Well, this guild prides it's self on not being EXTREME.  I left raiding guilds in the past because I found them extreme, be it on the actual game play, or in terms of their politics.  I wanted to make a place that was more "family" but at the sane time kept some of the better traditions of the normal WoW guild.  I tried to fuse leveling, social and raiding into one guild and also provided members with unprecedented access to the guild bank and other benefits normally not given to new members or lower level members.  I was constantly challenged by officers to tighten the access and I resisted because I wanted us to be different. 

Well, today a former member, a founding member and former Deputy Guild Commander, Zorasti logged in and we talked..  He told me of the problems his guild is having with regards to similar things and it made me feel much better about the direction we're going.  He also told me that he felt that with his 4 years of playing WoW, and having seen many guilds, that we're a unique place that really doesn't dictate much on their members, or hold them to too much accountability.  In his guild for example, if you don't raid at least 2-3 times a week, on a fixed schedule, you're gkicked!  No interview, no questions, just gone!   The /g is STRICTLY for wow related discussion, any "Spam" and you get one warning, then gkick.

So I guess what I am saying is, I think it's as good as it gets here for a place to work with others, and if you feel otherwise, please comment below and let me know specifically why not?


Now for the new "interpretation" of the /g rule:

The senior officers, which include the commander, deputy commander and AG all met and decided that the /g will not be "officially" policed for language or content, BUT .. and this is the key .. Should there be a complain by a member or more regarding the language or content of another member, that member will be asked to stop, and should he not stop, he will then be dealt with in a disciplinary manner.  SO PLEASE, USE COMMON SENSE AND TRY TO BE NICE!


PvE & Raids!

Octaevius, Dec 15, 08 11:49 AM.
With many people obtaining the new top level of 80, it's time to thing about gearing up, heroics' and raids!  With that, our able Healatious (Aniliah alt) is back from his month long studies with the 2nd biggest Raiding guild on wow.

He is now charged with our PvE wing of the Battle Group.  He will be:

-Coordinating with Knights of the Gospel for raids
-Forming guild level runs for heroics
-Assisting an other capacities as a PvE officer

Guild Bank Changes

Octaevius, Nov 25, 08 7:22 PM.
NEW FLASH: I am cut & pasting this from the general memebership discussion as it is critical info for all members to read.  If you have any questions please ask any of the guild bank officers (Skulwolf, Hominy & Skylander).

Alright guys and gals. As our Guild grows, so does the need for moreGuild Bank space.  

This is the plan for the DRV Guild Bank Tabs.
Tab 1 is going to be for materials. Ex. Cloth, Leather, Ore, and other misc. Reagents. (Items used to level profession skills)

Tab 2 is going to be for Potions, Gems, Patterns, Inscriptions, Scrolls, Ect. (Items made from leveling professions)

Tab 3 is going to be for the lower level GREEN WEAPONS ONLY - Level 20-80

Tab 4 is going to be for the lower level GREEN CLOTHS ONLY - Level 20-80
TAB 5 - will be for ALL Blue and Epics - Level 20-80


Minor changes to rank assignments

Octaevius, Nov 16, 08 6:53 PM.
As a result of the Wrath of the Lich King and level 80, we are going to re-arrange the guild rank assignments as follows:

Heretofore level 1-35 will normally be assigned the rank of Private
                level 36-65 will be normally assigned the rank of Sergeant 
                level 66-80 will normally be assigned the rank of 1sgt
                level 71+ in special recognition or assigned as "Class Leader" will be SGM.

Note: SGM = Sergeant Major
         1Sgt = First Sergeant

All member who were on the property as of 11/16/2008 are grandfathered in under the prior policy.

Field Marshal

Guild "Vent" info..

Octaevius, Nov 14, 08 9:16 PM.
I have been asked by a few members about Vent and whether we have it.  I will cut and past this from the Members' only discussion area:

Port: 5073
Password: deusrex

In order to get set up download the ventrilo client here:

Windows 32bit client
Windows 64 bit client
Mac client

Install the client. Open the program.

Hit the arrow next to user name. Type in your charater name and hit ok.

Hit the arrow next to the sever. Hit new and type in Deus. 

Enter the hostanem, port and pw into the appropriate boxes. Hit ok.

Hit connect.

You should be in. Any problems, contact an officer for help.

Guild Alliance with Knights of the Gospel

Octaevius, Nov 10, 08 2:15 PM.
It is my pleasure to announce to you a guild alliance with Knights of the Gospel for the purposes of Raiding and other instance runs.  You can join the chat with our sister guild by typing "/join alliance".  Our new Battle Group commander will be tasked to liaison with their people and schedule on our guild calendar raids and other runs, so please check that calendar often.  

We thank Madeeb for his hard work in building this alliance with Franc the Guild Master of Knights of the Gospel.


Give & Take

Octaevius, Sep 16, 08 10:15 PM.

The guild bank balance (factoring out influx of gold from a hand full of members) has been declining steadily. If we want to build up to a 5th tab (this costs 2500g btw), we need to begin to give more an take less!

I want you all to know, that you are all welcome to use the guild repairs, or borrow gold from the bank when you NEED it, how ever this doesn't mean you always repair on the bank, or that you are entitled (as I've noticed a small handful do) to take out 1 or 2g a day, every day as some sort of paycheck.  Think of this as some sort of commune, or club.. your benefits are social interaction, friedship and when you need it, a helping hand, but in order for it to work, you must put your part in.  I don't see but a small handful of members actually depositing gold into the bank, and usually it's the same members.  The old 80/20 rule seems to apply here.. 80% seem to free load while 20% subsidize them..  

I would like to see a 50/50 where we take out what we need, and when we're flush with a new item or some extra gold, we give back.. this perpetuates the bank and makes it so we don't have to keep infusing it with cash.  I alone have put in more than 2500 since the start, and there are 3 or 4 other members that have also put in over 1000 between them.  The tabs cost a lot, so that ate up most of it (tab 1 was only 100, but tab 4 was 1000g.. as they go up in value rather fast).  

While on the topic of tabs.  I am pleased with the effort that many of you are making to keep them organized and items in the appropriate tab (level 1-30, tab 1.. level 31+ tab 2, consumables in tab 3, and Blue/Epics in tab 4).  As you might know, we don't want any gray or common items in the GB, only green and less common items.  More over, if you find a nice item that you can either vender or AH for silver/gold, feel free to do so and then donate to the bank, especially if you just spent 1.5g on repairs the other day.. ;-)

Anyway, remember.. it's  Give & Take..  and the gold / repairs are loans, that are expected to be repaid.  3 member have so far been removed for not following this and in some cases outright stealing from us.   We officers keep tabs on who's doing what, so if you think nobody notices your good (or bad) deeds, you're quite mistaken.  Major Maliky and his assistant Lieutenant Urashia are watching the GB like hawks. With that said, if you need to borrow a large amount over a few days, let one of them know and they will be glad to note it so we don't think you are stealing.    

Enough Said, happy Questing!

Deus Rex rgis Victum
Field Marshall
Supreme  Commander

Guild Rank and what it means..

Octaevius, Sep 3, 08 11:57 AM.
Herewith is a general over view and explanation of guild rank and privilege. 
Officer ranks

0 Field Marshall = Supreme Commander
1 General =  General Officer Rank (Deputy Commander)
2 Colonel = Senior Officer - (Adjutant General or Battle Group Commander)
3 Major = Mid Grade Officer, Department head (Assistant AG)
4 Lieutenant = Junior Officer, title 2nd Adjutant, or PvP/PvE commander

The above ranks are held only by officers and account for a small group of members.


Regular Ranks (note, these are the ranks of 90-95% of the guild membership):

In general with the higher rank, comes more access to guild tabs and gold loans/repair loans.  Therefore mostly, a member in good standing will hold a rank corresponding to the level of his toon as follows:

5 SGM (Sergeant Major) = level 71+ with special recognition  
6 1SGT (First Sergeant) =  level 65-80 
7 SGT (Sergeant) =  Level 31-65
8 Private = Level 5-30
9 Probation = New member, or a member under punitive action.

If you have any questions, please pst, or post a message in members discussion area.

Deus Rex rgis Victum
Field Marshall
Supreme Commander

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