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May 2, 14 10:00 AM EST
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Jul 11, 14 4:00 AM EST
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Sep 22, 14 2:00 AM EST
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Fires of Smaug T1 02/08/14
Mar 11, 14 11:02 AM
Fires of Smaug T1 02/08/14
Feb 10, 14 10:56 PM
Battle for Erebor T1 and T1 X3 BA
Jan 20, 14 12:35 PM
Helegrod T1C
Jan 5, 14 7:10 PM
Deep Wall - Raid
Dec 21, 13 9:45 PM
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We are an active Kin that runs end game content nightly. Our mission is to guide our kin to Mordor and launch a massive attack against the Black Gates, to once and for all shut the lidless eye. This epic journey began at our Kin House 4 Myrtle Court, Bullridge, Shire.

To join us , PM an officer or join our in-game chat channel - /joinchannel theinklings.


Panathar, Hoolegan, Tollers




Pyrrhusor (Web)

Gilirwen (Community Promoter)
Shala (Member Assimilation)

Event Coordinators




Class Trainers

Burglar TrainerBelogona

Guard Trainer

Minstrel Trainer

Captain TrainerSHALA

Hunter Trainer

Runekeeper Trainer

Champion Trainer

Loremaster TrainerWiselandir

Warden Trainer

WildStar preview: 40-man raids and no mercy "When you fail," Brett Scheinert says, "we want you to fail spectacularly."

- Scheinert, lead WSO raid and dungeon designer
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RE: Wild Star Online irishbrutha 4/17/2014 2:25 AM
RE: Wild Star Online JTollers 4/14/2014 5:51 PM
RE: Wild Star Online Fateon 4/14/2014 10:31 AM
RE: Wild Star Online ImrelStarfall 4/14/2014 8:46 AM
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RE: Wild Star Online JTollers 4/13/2014 1:15 AM
RE: Wild Star Online bluetequila 4/12/2014 8:36 PM
JTollers 4/20/2014 10:15 PM
Serrve option is right above your character - its not very visible
DResnick 4/20/2014 7:54 PM
I figured the server was Nexus, just didn't see the point where I got to choose my server?
JTollers 4/20/2014 2:10 PM
DResnick 4/20/2014 7:46 AM
Maybe missed part where I picked a server?
JTollers 4/19/2014 3:56 PM
Tarl, it appears there is another tarl on our server, you must be on a different server the Inks are not on
JTollers 4/19/2014 2:49 PM
Tarl - are u sure you are on Nexus server?
JTollers 4/18/2014 11:06 PM
Hot fix complete - servers are up
JTollers 4/18/2014 10:42 PM
If you are in WSO this weekend, then send mail/tell to Wise or Wisest - check thread for other inks you can catch to get in kin
JTollers 4/18/2014 11:30 AM
Please make sure you are on Exile faction and on server Nexus
JTollers 4/18/2014 11:21 AM
Wildstar Weekend Only Beta Code - Let me know if you want one. Weekend Beta open from 7am Fri to 1150 Sunday
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