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Inklings - Wildstar
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Panadanadoulos Birthday
Jul 11, 15 4:00 AM EST
Dee's Bday
Sep 16, 15 3:00 AM EST
Imy's Bday
Sep 16, 15 3:00 AM EST
Frodo and Bilbo's Birthday
Sep 22, 15 2:00 AM EST
C.S. Lewis's Birthday
Nov 29, 15 2:00 AM EST
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Recent Events & Requests
Fires of Smaug T1 02/08/14
Mar 11, 14 11:02 AM
Fires of Smaug T1 02/08/14
Feb 10, 14 10:56 PM
Battle for Erebor T1 and T1 X3 BA
Jan 20, 14 12:35 PM
Helegrod T1C
Jan 5, 14 7:10 PM
Deep Wall - Raid
Dec 21, 13 9:45 PM

We are an active Kin that runs end game content nightly. Our mission is to guide our kin to Mordor and launch a massive attack against the Black Gates, to once and for all shut the lidless eye. This epic journey began at our Kin House 4 Myrtle Court, Bullridge, Shire.

To join us , PM an officer or join our in-game chat channel - /joinchannel theinklings.


Panathar, Hoolegan, Tollers




Pyrrhusor (Web)

Gilirwen (Community Promoter)
Shala (Member Assimilation)

Event Coordinators




Class Trainers

Burglar Trainer

Guard Trainer

Minstrel Trainer

Captain Trainer

Hunter Trainer

Runekeeper Trainer

Champion Trainer

Loremaster Trainer

Warden Trainer

The Road goes ever on and on. Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone - And I must follow, if I can.

- Tolkien
Recent Forum Posts
JTollers 6/26/2015 11:46 AM
im watching traffic :)...its gonna be about group play for me to invest - seeing people on or comig back to inks is key
Imrel 6/26/2015 10:48 AM
And now we've had a Wise sighting! So good to see some ppl back in game :)
JTollers 6/26/2015 2:44 AM
We have teamspeak - Inks you can use that and i will be in there several nights a week as i watch lotro traffic
Imrel 6/6/2015 1:03 PM
Actually that would be a JC sighting! :)
Imrel 6/5/2015 10:27 AM
FYI - There has been a JC siting in LOTRO :) Rumor has has it he's upgrade from F2P!!
Fateon 5/29/2015 9:08 PM
You will always be Bubbles!
Imrel 5/28/2015 4:16 PM
TY Shala! My book is turning out well. BTW - love the name "Tiny Bubbles"!! :)
Fateon 5/22/2015 8:21 AM
Imy as soon as I get my new pc up and running ill send one your way :)
Imrel 5/19/2015 10:43 AM
Does anyone have a Blemished Symbol of the Elder King? I need to get a lvl 100 LM book. Let me know your price.
JTollers 3/28/2015 12:59 PM
if you cannot see Members forum for Teamspeak information ask me or a member for info
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