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Welcome to the Home of the Crusaders!

This is not the home of a Guild as you may have become accustomed to - this is the home of a vision.

Too often new players are sucked into the vortex of being power-leveled to level 60+ and then dragged to 80.  Older content that helps to define the skills of a player is left behind before it can barely be looked at.

The Mission Statement of the Crusaders is to provide events for Mains or Alts between the levels of 46 - 52 which are both challenging and provide an experience.  

To begin with we want to experience all that EverQuest has to offer - not just the high end game.  We want to provide a means for players to learn where their beloved high level content came from, and where the heart of EverQuest started.

For many of us it is a blast from the past - nastalgia at its greatest.  For others it is a first glimpse at what they missed as they blurred by on Hot Zones and powlerleveling to their highest reaches of the game.

We know that everyone plays for their own reasons and for us one of those reasons is to take an evening and breath in the vast lush experience that this game has to offer.

For many of us we want to become the very best raiding force at level 52 that EverQuest has ever seen.  With today's gear and yesterdays content there is no reason why we cannot take on Raids and Mobs that were never seen at this level before.  We want to push the envelope to the very max for us all at this level range.

Whether we are taking 3 people against Lord Nagafen, or 40 against the Temple of Veeshan we will grit our teeth in determination and scream to the skies of our successes!

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Vearin, Aug 28, 08 8:48 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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