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Welcome to Genirex
Genirex is recruiting dedicated raiders to progress through content as Wrath of the Lich King grows.

    -During summer we are not running on a scheduled raid pattern. instead we are making raids as we go. We are usualy running 1-2 nights a week at night hours(7-8+pm). Starting mid- late August we will switch back to our raid schedule listed at the bottom of the page.

-12 bosses down in 10 ulduar
-8 bosses down so far in 25.(2nd night of progression)
-Cleared all content in wrath pre 3.1(yes content was very easy)

We are in need of the following:

    -Healers: accepting all geared healers.
    -Dps: recruiting all geared dps especialy Spriests,locks,mage's,shammies,pallies
    -Tanks: Open to all classes.(need warriors)

Obviously, we require you to know your class and be informed of the latest changes to your skills and abilities.

Currently pushing to clear ulduar. Naxx will be ran when the raiders want too on their off time, there are no schedule naxx or maly raids at this time.

We will NOT carry anyone to get gear.If you are not geared at top end of Naxx, please don't bother applying.

    - IF you cannot make a raid on raid night. you tell an officer  asap wether it be wisper or ingame mail.
    - IF you are late to a raid on a raid night you log on ASAP to tell an officer that something r/l emergency came up/work.
    -Genirex members are to be FIRST class in public, such as trade chat. Anael jokes etc. political spamming is not allowed. If seen by an Officer, you will be remmoved no questions asked.
    -Keep Genirex the good name we have. anything and everything is allowed in guild chat. That is where we can be oursleves.Don't do anything stupid to give yourself or the guild a bad name.
If you have any questions considering our loot system or recruitment, whisper:
  • Allyhunter
  • Hornee
  • Creampie
.. or if you cannot get ahold of me or hornee feel free to send me an in-game mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

~ Allyhunter

Genirex Raiding
All Genirex Raiders are  Required  to:
  1. Read up on the bosses you will be confronting.
  2. Watch videos on the fights. Quick links are provided and updated to the left of this article.
When raiding with us, we ask our raiders to use certain add-ons and in-game consumables:
  • Consumables: We ask everyone stepping into progression with us, be 'flasked' and 'well fed' before any boss fight.
  • Ventrilo: This is voice communication software, and a MUST for all our members. please download, install and have your microphone ready.
  • Deadly Boss Mods: An add-on that provides notifications about events that occur during the course of a boss fight.
  • Omen (Threat Meter): While people have their own preferences for different threat meters, omen tends to be the most commonly used. We require our Dps to use a threat meter while raiding.
Currently Genirex's raid schedule involves our 1st 10 man group. Future groups' raid schedules may vary to accommodate the different hours people play. The current times are:(most raids do not take the full raid scheduled time.)
  • Mondays- 7pm till 11pm server time.
  • Tuesdays- 7pm till 11pm server time.
  • Wednesdays - 7pm till 11pm server time.
  • Thursdays - 7pm till 11pm server time.
  • Saturdays - 7pm till 11pm server time.(optional)

Come with flasks and reagents/repaired. bring your best.

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