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The Legend
The Legend has withstood the sands of time, being founded in 1997 by Lunis it was later passed down to Sephiroth.  TL began its journey in the lands of Ultima Online, a land of PKs, anti's and guild wars.  TL has always traditionally been an anti-PK guild but as time passed on the line between anti-pk and pks began to blur.  After defending innocents and hunting down PKs in UO for nearly 6 years TL moved on to various games, trying to find the fun and thrill that Ultima Online brought, until it landed in WoW. 

World of Warcraft was a whole new challenge and after so many years of innactivity in any games the older ranks of TL began to move onto other aspects of life.  But, this did not stop the few original TL such as Zether, voodoo, Snake, Kalypso, Sephiroth, and Orangey from recreating TL in this new game.  After many months of raiding, completing the high-end raid content, the game began to take its toll, countless hours of repeating dungeon after dungeon for a seemingly endless amount of upgradable gear began to seem like the only point of WoW and TL moved on, waiting for Age of Conan and Warhammer.

After nearly 2 years of waiting, AoC was finally around the corner.  Due to many games being a dissapointment over the past few years and the high end requirements for AoC  TL's stay in AoC was very short lived and was not pushed full force.  After reaching the max level in AoC within 2 weeks, the game became very dull with little to do but res kill the same enemies over and over. 

Finally, TL has found what seems to be a nice home in Warhammer Online.  So far the game has shown much promise, with PvP, leveling and PQs being a very casual friendly game environment.  Once again, the storm is growing, under the leadership of Chianti, Rakshas, Vyzora and Opiate, we will make our presence known.. a storm is coming.. our storm

Our mission in Warhammer is not much different than it has ever been, to complete any and all challenges we face.  Although the leadership has more limited time in this game than it has in the past, we will still continue to stay true to our goals.  We are a casual guild, which means we do not intend to force or members to play 24 hours a day.  So far this does not seem to be a necessity in warhammer which is a good thing.  As of right now we are focusing on getting our members leveld up in PvE and PvP as well as filling our ranks out a bit.  We will participate in high-end sieging and PvE content.  If you are looking for a hardcore 24/7 gaming guild this is not the guild for you. 

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