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Grifter Point Explanations
May 17, 10 6:04 AM
About the Tasty Grifters
Sep 7, 08 11:07 AM

*NEW MESSAGE* - updated 2-21-12 7:41 AM CST


Raiding is NOT for everyone.  There is currently a set 10 man team that is raiding regularly. There is a 25 man group that is forming that will become the main raid group.  If you wish to be a part of this raid there are a number of things one must understand.  Please read very carefully all of the bullet points below...

1) Raiding is not for making friends, it is for progression.  Please read that and understand it  at its most simplistic meaning.  Raiding is not a right, no one owes you, and YOU WILL NOT BE CARRIED.  If you desire to raid, you will be expected to take it seriously enough to help a group progress.  The guild has a very laid back atmosphere where a lot of people do in fact become friends and spend lots of time playing together.  Being part of a progression raiding team is not for the thin skinned.  There will be pressure, performance expectations, occasionally harsh words and more.  RAIDING IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.  This is not a guild that is complacent or ok with doing ok once in a while raiding.  If you are not up to the challenges that this presents,  it is ok, you are welcomed to be part of the guild, raiding just may not be for you.

2) If you sign up for a raid, please plan on being there.  If start time is 10:00, invites will go out BY 9:45, you will be replaced if you are not on at that time.  Also, multiples absences without notification will result in you LOSING GP (DKP) and ultimately a spot in the lineup. 

3) You need to show initiative to help the raid... 
        A) Enchants - Have your gear enchanted
        B) Gems - Have all gems slotted and CORRECTLY
        C) Reforging - Have your gear properly adjusted
        D) Stat Priorities - Know what gear is optimal, what stats are most beneficial in prioritized order        
        E) Knowledge - Know your character, if you are new to it, visit the forums, google your question, ASK FOR HELP...
        F) Flasks - Have flasks prepared, we have them in the guild bank, several alchemists are in the guild and there is always the AH if everything else fails.  You should NOT be raiding if you are not prepared to go.
        G) Repairs - Have repairs completed before you go.  NEVER stop the raid to get repairs 5 minutes after we start...
        H) Reagents - be ready to cast a battle res, summon a mage table, etc...
         I) Research - Watch videos and research expectations.  There is a sticky thread on raiding in our forums as well as a raid responsibility chart in the raids tab.

Other Guild News

Grifter Point Explanations

Tellefaire, May 17, 10 6:04 AM.

1)       Acquiring Points

a.       Raid Attendance

                                                               i.      Show up ON TIME and READY +2

                                                              ii.      Stay until scheduled completion time +2

                                                            iii.      Show up late – 5

                                                            iv.      No show

1.        1st time per month, no penalty

2.        2nd offense –10

3.        3rd offense –20

4.        4th offense, player will be suspended from further runs for a 2 week period, pending discussion with officers.               


b.       Raid Progression

                                                               i.      Farm status boss kill +1

                                                              ii.      First time kill +3

                                                            iii.      Clearing a wing +4

        2)       Loot Tiers


                     a.       BOP

                                                               i.      Raid Need

                                                              ii.      Raid Offspec

                                                            iii.      DE for guild bank / enchants


 b.       BOE

                                                               i.      Raid Need

                                                              ii.      Standby Need

                                                            iii.      Raid Offspec

                                                            iv.      Guild Bank – Vote Distribution


3)       Bid Process


Following the appropriate tiers, there will also be a rotation to ensure equitable opportunity for loot distribution.  The following is an example…  Tyrelius and Tellefaire are both in a particular raid.  Tyrelius has 400 GP and Tellefaire has 30.  A mage item drops and Tyrelius wins the initial bid at 31 GP.  He is given the item and the raid party moves on.  Later another boss is defeated and mage loot is dropped yet again.  The two mages now are sitting as follows, Tyrelius has 370 (initial 400 – 31+1) while Tellefaire has 31 (initial 30+1).  Even though Tyrelius now has more than 12 times as many total points, he is NOT allowed to bid on this item.  Tellefaire would now have the opportunity to bid.  If no one else is available to compete against, Tellefaire would have to make the minimum unchallenged item bid of 10 GP in order to obtain the item.  If he chose not to take it for whatever reason, it would then be available again for anyone else who already had an item.  In this case, Tyrelius would then have the opportunity to acquire the item should Tellefaire decline it.


BoE’s that should make it beyond loot tier iii will be held onto in guild bank.  Any charitable or favorable actions taken by guild members reported to an officer will be considered during a review.  Officers will vote on actions for guild members to distribute the various BoE items to those guild members.


At any time if a BoE distributed through any guild means is found to be sold via the AH or any other means it will result in the immediate removal of the offending player and all of his toons.  Excluded from this would be items in a weekly (frosty reward) reward.  Those would be property of whoever receives them to do with as they wish.









About the Tasty Grifters

Tellefaire, Sep 7, 08 11:07 AM.

This page's intent is to familiarize new Grifters a little bit into the culture.  The Tasty Grifters are an all adult guild that is gearing toward end game content with a relaxed atmosphere.  members have the ability to learn about raiding if they choose without being under the pressure of a serious raiding guild.  Recruitment for the Tasty Grifters is currently closed temporarily, as our intent is not to become the largest guild, but an efficient one capable of defeating end game raids.  To this goal, the officers commit to help out to the extent of their ability within the guild and share their knowledge in that effort. We have outstanding guild chemistry thus far, and intend to foster an environment in which all of us can continue to grow while sharing adventures and tales of conquest.  The TG are currently running two seperate 10 man  raids for  ICC as well as a fledgling 25 man for ICC.  Dynamics of raid teams may change at some point after cataclysm depending on the guilds interests once the expansion is published.  As our gear, communication, group efficiency, etc improve, we will be taking on more new challenges.  To be included in these raids there are a few minor requirements covered elsewhere or you can speak with an officer regarding them. 

The Grifters came together June 18 of 2005. We have a pool of players that have various levels of skill, knowledge and time to devote to the guilds activities. No one will be judged on the amount they play, and within reason, will never be removed for lack of playing time.  As an all adult guild, we have various demands for our time that other players may not appreciate, kids, work, and whatever other responisbilities one may have. We have a guild bank (Grifterbank), and guild forums that I encourage you all to use, both to enhance communication and for enjoyment. Also in the Misc and Ventrilo Info links on this site you will find the information for our Ventrilo server. If you have any questions regarding it, there is a link to the ventrilo webpage there as well. If you have more beyond that, please feel free to contact one of our officers in-game. 

Tasty Grifters is a tolerant guild, but we will accept no bashing, ridiculing or persecution of any kind in the guild. We are, after all, a guild of mature players. If you have any problems, please bring them to Talerial, Tharisus or Tellefaire's attention. We seldomly have any disputes whatsoever, but I would be happy to moderate any differences we may have. Our goal is never to leave anyone out, but to include everyone. If you have any needs, they may be addressed by sending a tell in game or posting it in the forums if/where it is appropriate to do so. Several people are quite close in the guild and joke with each other as well. If someone inadvertantly offends you while engaging in this behavior, please speak to them and allow them the opportunity to correct their behavior before it is escalated to an officer. 

If you have any other questions you feel need to be addressed or that would be helpful to have included here, please let me know and I will also attempt to get it up in a timely manner. Thank you for taking the time to check out our recruit info and look forward to seeing you all in game.



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