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3.1 is out!!!
Apr 14, 09 12:14 PM
3.1 Brings new Fishing dailys
Mar 10, 09 9:13 AM
Feb 24, 09 8:11 AM
Open Recruitment
Dec 18, 08 2:59 PM
Fixed images!
Dec 11, 08 9:21 AM
Welcome to CRYPTIC

Welcome to the CRYPTIC website ,

    We are an end raid guild that wishes to progress, we use a dkp system, our raid days are tuesday, friday, saturday,and sunday. Plz feel free to drop an application in the forums.
    This guild was made by friends who were always pugging together, and decided to just form a guild.
    If you would like to be a friend of the guild and join pugs when we have them, plz feel free to go to the forums and let us know, we know some players are casual and would like to just do pugs and we will take pugs once in a while.

If u have any questions plz post in the forum.

CRYPTIC IS NOW RECRUITING LVL 80 toons for 25 mans. Sign up in forums, where our applications is, u can fill it out, and ill check it!

Coming together is a Start. Working together is Progress. Staying together is Success. ~Henry Ford

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3.1 is out!!!

BOOSTboostBOOST, Apr 14, 09 12:14 PM.
3.1 is finally out nothing left to say

3.1 Brings new Fishing dailys

BOOSTboostBOOST, Mar 10, 09 9:13 AM.
As the title notes, we are about to be moving into a new daily era...on where the dailys can reward epics....NOT JUST ANY EPICS, BUT THE FIRST EPIC GEMS OF NORTHREND.

the above link has the warrior T8 and the new Fishing daily news of the latest ptr build.

What does this mean? Well if anyone knows wow, they know one thing, gear and gold are the main thing that bring about status(not to mention skill, but this is assumed to be there if u have the latter). It means were coming to a new era for AH prices, everything will go up in demand, and everything will go if that makes any sense. Because Epics will be favored over blues, both in gems and gear slots, and item lvls will be looked at more specifically. This is good i think, the JC epidemic has hurt the old JC's from bc but with this change, money from prospecting ore will definetly be shot down. lol

Im sure ulduar will drop tons of epic gems and there are gonna be loads of questions. Ill post a forum thread later on the subject of loot distribution for 3.1 in our guild but it should be more of the same and ppl will see Ulduar in the first week its out.



BOOSTboostBOOST, Feb 24, 09 8:11 AM.

Boxinabox posted on the forums:

Open Recruitment

BOOSTboostBOOST, Dec 18, 08 2:59 PM.
Thread on official wow forums.

Fixed images!

Paemos1, Dec 11, 08 9:21 AM.
I fixed all the images so they will be viewable now and not a bunch of code. Go check them out!
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