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Guild picture for September. Taken inside our guild city in Poitain.

Harvest Moon Festival‏

Jakola, Sep 16, 08 11:24 AM.

The festival began with a big gathering (sponsored by Dark Desire) in the courtyard of the Caravanserai. I arrived early and so could witness the colors of several well-known guilds, including some that made me raise an eyebrow given what I witnessed lately. But I digress..
After rousing the interest of all present by a religious speech, our hosts bade us follow them through the desert to Derketo's temple. We did so, escorted by people from SCUM and the Free Companions. We encountered little to no obstacle, though I heard later that some of the participants had been hindered on their way to the caravanserai by brigands of the worst kind.
Arriving at the hidden vale located at the foot of the pyramid, our hosts separated us into tables, making sure we would have at least one of them to keep us company. By respect for the goddess, all females were asked to remove their clothes (to the delight of the male crowd <coughs>).

We then spent a most pleasant eve, entertained by tales, jokes, dances, and as much as we could eat and (especially) drink.
Then came the time for the games. The first was about finding a young priestess hidden somewhere in the desert. You would think that with Teejam along this would have been a piece of cake... Alas, t'was not to be (curse your eyesight, my friend!) and so we missed the prize. <sobs>
Even more tragic was the fact that other concerns then drew me away from the feast, leaving them all at the mercy of our well-known ranger. <grins>
Oh, but before leaving, I did hear the eve was going to end up with an orgy...
T'is always the same who have the most fun, it seems <winks to Teejam>

Oh my, you're a tall one!

Jakola, Sep 11, 08 11:08 AM.
This documents another sighting of strange, tall and powerful beings.

Confirmed sighting of a demigod

539937483_Inactive, Sep 11, 08 10:52 AM.
Well, actually not a demigod but a true GM! I was walking through Old Tarantia when I suddenly found myself facing an awe-inspiring character with an orange name tag (Maitre de Jeu = Game Master for those who don't read french) and a level way above the maximum.

He looked around for a bit, as if searching for someone and then ran away like the wind before anyone could catch him.

I'll send the picture I took to Jakola for posting.

All walls complete

Jakola, Sep 9, 08 12:01 PM.
Complete T1 with walls

We are safe! No more holes in our walls. Although Massacre claims to have found a way to sneak into our city without using the gate. Outrageous!

Upgraded the site

System, Sep 4, 08 3:01 AM.
This site has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no www in front of the address.

The banner ads have also been removed.

Keep upgraded to T2

Jakola, Sep 3, 08 6:25 AM.
 Jakola finishes T2 keep

A very sweaty Stygian woman just put the finishing hand on Cataclysm's upgraded keep.

The building adds a buff of 23 health or so, as well as providing a more fancy place to down a pint after a hard day in the world of Hyboria.

A few more of the inner walls were also constructed, and soon they will all be up.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the city so far. A very special thanks to Teejam for his outstanding effort gathering materials. And to Massacre for donating a very respectable amount of gold coins.

Upgrading the keep took 2 500 granite, 1500 yew, 1 200 iron and 500 electrum. The next building to upgrade is the tradepost, which will require the same amount of materials.

Everyone who donates materials to the guild bank will get his or her name carved in gold on the inside keep wall.

- Here's to teamwork, says Jakola, as she lifts her pint, spills ale all over the keep table and downs a big gulp.

It is worth noting that we will not be able to craft any of the level 75 stuff until we have workshops upgraded to T2. This will take a lot of materials.
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