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Welcome to the Land of Freaks and Geeks!

Click on the link above and click often to see our city grow.

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Click here to see the review of our coalition partner's, Parental Advisor, old base by the one and only Otto Plair from Woot Studios.

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Welcome to the Freaks and Geeks website!

The Freaks and Geeks began as a City of Villains villain group operating from the Rogue Isles located on the Pinnacle Server.  Now the group is the #4 Super Group of the Top 100 Super Groups on the Pinnacle server

We also have a second villian group, Freaks and Geeks IIa recently added Hero Super Group, Freaks and Geeks Justice, and our newest villain group for our lvl50 toons, Freaks and Geeks Retirement Villa. 

All four groups have longterm loyal members and are accepting recruits.  New recruits can be of any level and game experience.  

See the section on the right if you are interested in joining one of the four fastest growing groups on the Pinnacle server.

Thank you!


Freaks and Geeks and Freaks and Geeks II would like to introduce and welcome our newest division - Freaks and Geeks Justice!  This is the new home to any and all heroes.  So come be a part of the newest branch with your same friends from the red side.  We are actively recruiting and there is plenty of room for you to join.  See the group leaders to be added to Freaks and Geeks Justice- Canadian's Guardian, Handy Maxim and SuperRuby.  

Villain of the Week

Brought to you by the CoV Vault:

Our beautiful coalition member Forelorn Lust!

If you would like to be the next villain of the month here's how: Send a picture, bio (no more then 150 words) and your server to If you are chosen you will be contacted via email and a vault Representative will come interview you!

Here is the link to the actual website.

Good luck guys!

Headline News!

This past week the Hero Group, The Impossibles, held a costume contest named "The Impossibles Mega Costume Contest '09".  The event was a successful turnout for the hero group.  Much better than they anticipated.  Our very own Freaks and Geeks Justice member, Paragon of Justice entered the contest.  I am happy to announce he placed SECOND!  He was the proud recipent of $75 million in infamy and a comic book cover featuring his winning costume.  

Here is a comic book cover featuring the three winners of the contest.

Click here for more info on The Impossibles Mega Costume Contest '09. A BIG Congrats to you Paragon of Justice!

Cape City C.C.

What is a color palette costume contest?

The color palette costume contest (CPCC for short) originated in the "Screenshots & Fan Art" section of the City of Heroes community, where players/contestants would create a costume design based on a five-color palette chosen by the contest's judge. That judge critiques each entry and then chooses the best one as the winner.

When is it?

Every Sunday night a new palette will be posted, and contestants will have one week to complete and submit their entries.

How can I participate?

That's simple! The contest is open to anyone with an active City of Heroes (or Villains) account, and the time and imagination necessary to play around with the game's character creator. Now that the option to save costumes has been added, participating should be easier than ever. No character slots need be used!

Here are the rules:

  1. Only one costume entry per contestant per palette.
  2. Costume designs must use all five colors of the palette at least once. Skin tones and hair colors can be outside the palette to allow for "natural" looking character designs. Untintable items may be used, provided they work within the overall concept.
  3. All entries must be linked to in the appropriate community thread or emailed to the judge by 12am Sunday in order to be critiqued.
    • Please keep the images as close to screen size as possible, so that the details in your designs are easier to recognize.
    • .jpg's are preferable to .gif's and .png's.

This weeks theme - Italy

Click here for the link to this website, previous winners and more info on this Costume Contest.

Let me know if any of you apply to this or win.

~ FnGFreak

Hero of the week (month)

Brought to you from CoH Vault:

Contest Rules -----
If you would like to be next weeks hero of the month here's how: Send a picture, bio (no more then 150 words) and your server to If you are chosen you will be contacted via email and a vault Representative will come interview you!

Click here to see the first edition winner. 

Good luck guys...

Screenshot of the Month

Brought to you from CoH Vault:

Screen Shot of the Week is a competition between all the players of Coh and Cov. The rules are simple, upload a screen shot into the Database (Click here to Upload). Once you have uploaded the screen shot you simply wait to see if its chosen! A group of judges will go through the screen shots that were added that month until a winner is found and posted on the main page! Good Luck.

This is the winner for January:

Come on guys...we CAN do better than this!

New Costume set
Well Villains, Villainesses, Heroes and Heroines..check out this pic.  This is a new costume set coming very soon.  This is currently on the Mac beta edition of the game.  People from the forum are calling this the "Valkyrie" costume.  But this might be the new "Magic" Booster set that is set to be released. 

This info is from the CoH Forums.

God I would love this outfit in black and red...(swoons and falls out of my chair).

~ Ruby

UPDATE- It has been announced on the CoH forums this will indeed be a new Booster Pack available early next year.  It is called the Valkyrie pack.  There are costume pieces available for both male and female toons.  Click here to read up on the new set.  There are more pics on this link.  YEA!!!

UPDATE 1/8/08- Vixen ran into this person on the game yesturday and was in awe of how the new booster pak was used. 

I cannot wait to get my hands on this new booster pak. 

Thanks for the info Vixen!

MORE INFO- the new booster set includes the following-

Valkyrie Themed Costume Set- Costume pieces include two varieties of wings, a cape, a skirt/kilt, pants, boots, shoulders, chest, gloves, belts, and helmet with multiple details.

and a New Mission Teleporter Power - Players can save time and get right into action by teleporting to their active mission.

  1. These items will be available as a stand-alone purchase for $9.99 after the two month exclusivity period ends.
  2. In order to get these items now you can purchase the Mac Version from one of the following sources, both retail at $19.99:

For those of  with an active account there is no download necessary with your purchase, simply follow the instructions on your PlayNC Account Management screen to apply the code and the perk items will be added to the account you select from the management page.

Here is what you will get with your purchase:

  • Access to the full City of Heroes® and City of Villains® games via downloadable client.
  • Exclusive in-game items - a Mission Teleporter Power, and the new Valkyrie themed costume set (available to both Heroes and Villains).
  • One month of game time included. (activation with a valid credit card or game time card is required... monthly fee required to play: $14.99* ).* plus US sales tax, where applicable. Player is responsible for all applicable internet fees.

~ Ruby Deathstrike

Who are you...?
"What Kind of Character Are You?'

So..what kind of hero or villain are you?  Let's see how evil or good you truly are by answering these 10 questions.  Click here to see the questions.  See the example for how to reply.  Once you have answered the questions..wait to see what kind of "Character" you really are...

FnG Badge Program

Freaks and Geeks now has its own badge program.  You ask badge program?  What do you win in the badge program?  How does a having a room in one of the bases sound?  Or how about a purple recipe of your choice?  Or better about YOU tell us what the prize should be?  How do you get these fabulous prizes?  Well by attending events of course. 

Attending Super Group events gives you raid points that help you earn badges.  For each event you attend, you get one raid point.  The program is based on your event attendance within several categories.  The category events are the SG Strike Forces, the Arena Gladiator nights, the Bounty Hunter campaign and the Ritki Mothership Raid events.

Here are the badges from each type of event as well as the two available accolades:

 ( The Mission Mercenary Badge)

Super Group Strike Force events-
Mission Mercenary badge- earned by attending one event
Strike Force Soldier badge- earned by attending five events
Tireless Troupe badge- earned by attending ten events
Wrath of the Force badge earned by attending twenty events
Freaks and Geeks Strike Enforcer- earned by attending forty events

 (The Alien Prober Badge)

Ritki Mothership Raid events-
**special instructions to come to prove attendance to these events**
Alien Prober badge- earned by attending one event
Pylon Invader badge earned by attending five events
Ritki Wrecker badge earned by attending ten events
Mothership Marauder badge- earned by attending twenty events
Fury of the Ritki Raid earned by attending forty events

 (The Fresh Meat Badge)

Arena / Gladiator (A.G.) events-
Fresh Meat badgeearned by attending one event
Battlefield Trooper badge- earned by attending five events
Challenger of the Arena badge- earned by attending ten events
Arena Berserker badge- earned by attending twenty events
Freaks and Geeks Gladiator- earned by attending forty events

 (The RepoMan Badge)

Bounty Hunter events-
RepoMan badge- earned by attending one event
Bounty Agent badge earned by attending five events
Hero Tracking Specialist badge- earned by attending ten events
Hero Recovery Officer badge earned by attending twenty events
Freak and Geek Bounty Hunter earned by attending forty events

Freaks and Geeks Accolades-
Freaks and Geeks Advocate-
an accolade only received upon obtaining the Fury of the Ritki badge, Freaks and Geeks Enforcer badge and the Freaks and Geeks Bounty Hunter badge.
Award for this accolade – A room of your choice in the base that you design and call your own.
Freaks and Geeks Guardian- a badge only received upon obtaining the highest level badges in each event category - Fury of the Ritki Raid badge, Freaks and Geeks Strike Enforcer badge, Freaks and Geeks Gladiator badge and the Bounty Hunter badge.  
Award for this Accolade – Let us know what you think the prize for this should be.  Email FnGFreak or Kira’s Son.

So...go sign up for future events through the event page then attend the event.  You get one raid point for each event you are at.    

Please click here for any questions or comments you may have about this program. 

Good luck!

Hami Raid


Our Super Group is organizing a Hamidon raid.  See below for details.

Event- Hamidon Raid

Server – Pinnacle – Villain side only

Date and Time – February 8 11am PST

Meeting location- The Abyss

Requirements- Level 50 Villains.

Teams- We are looking for the following teams to be formed-

Team 1- Range toons

Team 2- Melee toons

Team 3- Debuff/Buff toons

Team 4- Teleporter and Rezzing toons

Team 5- Healers

Team 6- Toons that can hold

Prize- 40 merits for a successful raid or a Hamidon enhancement

Time commitment – 2 hours. Please do not join if you are unable to stay for the whole raid.

Please reply to this forum if interested or respond to this thread.  I will need the name of the toon that will attend, the team you would like to be on and any special powers your toon may have.

Lowbie Death Races
From one of our Coaltion Allies -

Here is the link to the thread on the CoH forums. 

Good luck racers!

Pinnacle Fight Night

Pinnacle Fight Night

Date: Every Friday
Start Time: 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 5pm Pacific
Server: Pinnacle
Location: Pocket D Arena or PvP Zone (check this thread for updates each week)
Hosted by: PvPEC and @Buck Wild

  • This is an open, weekly PvP event for characters of any level and players of varying experience.
  • This tread will be updated weekly.
  • Each week we will have one themed match or objective.
  • Players are invited to participate in the theme or create their own battles!
  • Feel free to use this thread if you wish to schedule a match or call out a friend for a little competitive fight!
  • Zone PvP will also be featured on some Fight Nights.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest themes for upcoming Fight Nights, contact me in game (@Buck Wild) or use the link above to send a private message.

Interested in joining the ranks of Freaks and Geeks?

We are always willing to add your brand of evil and/or good to the group.

After viewing the website go to the Recruiting Forum for more info. 

Any questions? Feel free to email the Freaky Recruiter, rdeathstrike.

"I love you, Gun"

- Chaps Fantastic to his gun

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