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If you're new and interested in joining DEATH BE THY COMPASS , please take a look to your left at the Information box (on the home tab), where you will find instructions on how to *JOIN THE COMPANY*. If you have further questions about joining, contact the Officers in game or send us an email. We look forward to meeting you!

Upon joining our guild, you can add your character to our Company Roster.  Find the Characters/Settings tab above the webpage banner and enter your character's information. There's even room included for a small character biography.

If you're looking for the Company Guidelines, the History of Death Be Thy Compass, or any other guild-related information, refer back to the Information box on the left side of the page.  If you need information that we haven't included yet, just ask on the forums.

We're always open to comments and suggestions for our home page.  If you need to contact the Company Master or the Officers, please click on the Mail tab and choose the person you'd like to mail - all officers can be reached this way.

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Patch 1.01

Wilan_, Oct 1, 08 7:13 PM.
...or as I call it, the "WILL SOMEBODY STOP MOVING MY GORRAM CHAT BOX" patch.

Lots of needed stuff here, but mostly a yawner.  Warning, reading may induce drowsiness, but killing in Open RvR will wake you right up.

Server Switcheroo

Wilan_, Sep 23, 08 5:36 PM.
Due to the poor population on Skavenblight we are going to try our hand at Phoenix Throne effective immediately.

While it sucks to have worked hard on those toons, there is just too much missing from the game if you remove the PQs and the Open RvR.  I understand this decision can suck, but ultimately it is for the best.

So come on over to Phoenix Throne, folks.  We're going to reform the guild asap.

Cut Content To Return

Wilan_, Sep 19, 08 5:53 AM.
Mythic made the painful decision to cut out multiple cities, careers, and various other content before the release of Warhammer Online.  According to, this stuff will return as part of the subscription fee, and not as a paid for expansion!

This is really cool news, as it is easy for an MMO developer to milk more money out of your pocket.  They just gained +Influence, in my opinion.

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Thought of the Now
Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.


Guild Meet and/or Greet!
Wednesday October 8th, 2008
Come and meet your fellow Compasses...Compaii...
Fellow guild-mates in Altdorf! Read the post for more information.


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