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The Venom of Ria Ni
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The Venom of A Goddess

Written on a large posting board...

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters.
This is the Posting Board for the religious group known as The Venom of Ria Ni.
If you need information on targets, other groups, or just about the goddess herself, feel free to make use of the posting area for all members. (Forums.)
There will come a time again when the Goddess will have her hand in every affair, and she will control all that is done over our great cities, as it was once before.
They may not know it yet, but everything done during the night is controlled by our dear goddess. Do not lose faith, friends, for change is coming.
The time for action is now...

((Welcome to the website! Some things are still under construction, but Sheni is working hard to get everything done so that this can be a very functional site for all guild members. Remember to constantly check up on guild activities. This website will have a major role in everything we do! Information about other guilds, targets, and our goddess will be posted here. So at times, to complete a mission, you must be completely informed on your selected target. This is where the "Posting boards" come into play. Please, bookmark the page and visit often! Thank you for joining with us! We will keep striving to give you the best RP experience that we possible can, and more! ))

Web Site Under Construction!

539949566_Inactive, Sep 12, 08 9:05 AM.
The website is being constructed by Sheni. She is doing all she can to make it functional and informative. Please use this site and do not cast it off as something unimportant. Thank you! All members should sign up on the site and apply for membership.
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