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Feared Order of Terror
Welcome to the Feared Order of Terror

A multi-faction guild focused on the cooperation between the major factions of Star Wars Galaxies. We serve neither side, yet we accept the followers of both. FOOT serves itself in its own entirety and nothing else. FOOT has two of its own cities for its members to reside in and an assembled military in case of conflict. Krath is a PVE and RP based guild but accomedates PVP when necessary.

History of the Guild:

Three years ago, while the galaxy was in the midst of the chaotic Civil War, one man decided to rid themselves of the corruption of the war and create a place where all sides can disarm and come together in cooperation, justice, and peace. Stinkfoot was young in the galaxies eyes, yet strong at heart. The two created a guild even against the odds created by the super giants of the Combat Upgrade. Guilds at this point were mainly Imperial or mainly Rebel, the idea of a multi-faction guild was not unheard of, but not accepted. The guild quickly rose to one of the strongest guilds in the galaxy, with over a hundred members following the banner of the guild. As time went on and the old membership began to fade at the beginning of the New Game Enhancements, a new generation of galactic adventurers began to funnel into the guild, adding new ideas and new vigor to the old and fading guild.

With most older members long gone, the guild is now run and consisting of new generation members. With one founder gone, and one retired and out-of-sight, the guilds new charismatic leader Stinkfoot Paradiddle has lead the organization to new heights. With galactic recognition once again as a main guild of Wanderhome, FOOT has risen from the ashes of the NGE and begun its return to the glory of its former self.

With this, I say unto you and to all galactic citizens FOOT's wish for peace in the Galaxy.
And if that peace need fighting to obtain, FOOT will do so to ensure future generations.

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