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Feb 6, 09 1:23 PM
Enclave & Bilerot Down
Dec 6, 08 5:38 PM
Add.... Guild...
Dec 6, 08 5:21 PM
New Guild to the Alliance.....
Nov 22, 08 7:57 AM
Nov 21, 08 4:03 PM
Welcome to Downfall

"It seemed that they were not born from the womb as beings should be. They had been spawned from pits of utter despair and malice. It wasn't for I, a mere minstrel, to consider standing my ground against them and what they stood for. You may call me a coward, but I lived to tell the tale of destruction these demons brought with their wake as they rode in to town. I alone have seen what they are capable of.

Some of them appeared from the farplanes of another world, Spark Minor. Others cut their teeth on the legendary fields of Norrath and Azaroth. Some even had survived the rigors and brutality of the dark and evil days we all recall when Camelot was overrun by all that is foul and wrong with the world. This is the army that has slowly been working its way, for eons, to what can only be described as its ultimate conquest.

Millions of their comrades have fallen at their side. What remains is only the most elite, bloodthirsty, vindictive, and soulless of them all. Millions I say, and only a handful remain. How these came through such hardships can only be imagined or dreamed, but those dreams can only result in the worst of nightmares. Most of them didn't even know of each others existence, but were brought together by some unspoken bond. None among them have clean hands or minds. Countless lives have been lost at their discretion. My friends I promise, not a one amongst you is safe.

These are the times that try men's souls. These are not times for heroes, martyrs or saviors. This isn't a time when legend is born, or when an angel earns its wings. We stand before an onslaught that will climax with the birth of new Gods. Lords of War the likes of which Mythology only dreamed of. They are not just a mere force to be reckoned with. They are not just leaders of man and beast. They are not just warriors. They are Downfall."

- As told by the Minstrel of the Dawn



Horados, Feb 6, 09 1:23 PM.

Enclave & Bilerot Down

Horados, Dec 6, 08 5:38 PM.

Add.... Guild...

Horados, Dec 6, 08 5:21 PM.
Welcome Disorder to the Alliance.....

New Guild to the Alliance.....

Horados, Nov 22, 08 7:57 AM.
Welcome Pain Train


Horados, Nov 21, 08 4:03 PM.

New Alliance Formed: Called Gits Nikkas

Eternal Nightmare

and, Joining last night Pain Train...

Also - Ding - Guild Rank 19!  zomg.. 20... Is ... Close...!
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