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The Stockton Group

Welcome to the site for The Stockton Group City of Heroes super groupThe Stockton Group is located on the Justice server This supergroup is hero side.  It was created in 2005.

The Stockton Group consists of Adults and their family members.  We are a very casual Super Group and have a large base.

Our Super Group is mostly a PvE interested group.  We do have some members who enjoy PvP and have participated in some zone PvP challenges and events. 

Our Supergroup is led by Four Co Chairs.  If you are interested in joining this super group and would like to know more you can contact any of these members in game in City of Heroes by their global names.

@Revelation One

Please be specific as we also have various SGs on other servers and also play on villain side quite frequently together.

We do have a villains group base.  It is smaller and newer base. 

If we do not meet your needs then I am going to suggest that you possibly consider one of our coalition groups:

We are coalitioned with a few great groups.

One is DROW hero side.

Drow is a legion of power gamers that has been around for a long time.

They are interested in PvE and also PvP and their members are fun to hang with.

We also are coalitioned on both heroes and villains with

the Chrome Family

The Chrome Family on both heroes and villains are large membership supergroups.  They are a very active SG.

If you have any questions please use the super group registar located in Atlas Park city hall or in the zone Port Oakes Villain Group Registar located inside a building on a platform area near the area marker of marconville.

The Stockton Group does not use the Guildportals forums as we use a private forum located elsewhere.  If you have any questions please direct them in game to one of the global names listed above.

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