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Da Nok
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Da Nok is a Destruction Realm guild on the Anlec server. It was formed by a small group of like minded individuals and will be owning face in the GMT+9 time zone. Our goal is to have fun, become an elite combat force, and have a keep to call our very own. We help each other out not only in combat but with needed gear as well.

What are we looking for in our members? Good people who would rather suggest/assist instead of complain. Skilled players. People who research their character, learn the best ways to play, fight and achieve. People who want to share what they figure out for the betterment of their guild mates. We want those who are prepared to work as a team, achieve as a guild and slaughter as a force. We want those who contribute to the whole.

If this sounds like you go to the forums and submit your application.

See you on the front lines WAAAGH!!!

We are back in business

539961034_Inactive, Sep 19, 08 4:14 PM.
Most of us finally have our retail copies of the game. We can now truly get this guild under way.  It is time WAAAGH!!!
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