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What do you think, we've just been sitting around?

Bokk, Dec 21, 08 12:33 AM.

Merry Christmas from End Game

Since the shell isn't at full capacity yet we decided to start small to get the ball rolling.  We paid Omega a visit a few times to stretch out.
Even though he only has one eye we somehow managed to poke out two of them on two seperate occasions. We did however catch him running away once and snapped off his back legs.

Since Omega really put up no fight we went to pay his older brother a visit.
Ultima fell over about as easy as his younger brother. A valiant effort on Erra's part lead to not one tank death the entire fight.  Ultima was impressed with the 15 man team and left us some gifts.

Perhaps the crowning achievement thus far was the 17 man Kirin. 1 set down, 6 more to go.
Kirin although impressed with the pro effort decided that since we had toppled the titan with such low numbers that we obviously didn't need anything.

N.Body - Tarhalin

With the ever strengthing bond, well planned strategies, and the elite performance of our players we figured there is no place to go but up.
So we decided to crank it up a notch.  We have put Odin in our sights and have begun the long road to pay him a visit.


And last but certainly not least.  The salvage grind has continued.  We have alot of 2/3 sets on the cusp but SE finally conceded to grant us an early christmas present.

Ladies and Gentleman the Epeen Award for this update belongs to...

Unleash the Rifter now has a new meaning.

SCNM sets are built and ready to go but with the holiday season around the corner we felt it would be better to save for the next update. Come and join the fun.

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