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Server Transfers
Oct 30, 08 6:53 AM
Hey Dogs!
Sep 22, 08 8:29 PM
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Welcome to the Dogs website!

Dogs of War is an Order guild in Warhammer Online on the Kislev server. The guild name is from the Warhammer Fantasy tabletop game where the mercenary armies are called Dogs of War.

Applicants should use the menu on the left side of this page to 'Join This Guild'. Contact Random or Saga in game for more information.

Vent Info:
See in game guild info

Server Transfers

539963882_Inactive, Oct 30, 08 6:53 AM.
Server transfers are now open. Please transfer you characters to Ungrim. Contact Zoner, Epica or Octavius for your invite back into Dogs.

When server transfers are open, we intend to move the Dogs of War guild. We will make every effort to move with our alliance and guild membership as intact as possible. Until Mythic provides further details regarding transfer options we can't announce any firm plans. But we will be moving.

Discuss here Server Transfer Discussion Thread

Hey Dogs!

539963878_Inactive, Sep 22, 08 8:29 PM.
Welcome to everyone who has joined Dogs in the past couple of days. We're doing great. keep doing what you're doing. Thanks for signing up on this forum, check back here from time to time for important or irrelevant information (could go either way).

We've had a great time raiding the RvR zones the past couple of nights, and we plan to keep it up. Thanks a million to Geth and Oct for being organizers and instigators.

Your Highly Unqualified Guild Leader,
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