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Atrum Mortis
Playing for keeps .
Sep 26, 08 11:14 PM
War continues!
Sep 26, 08 10:47 AM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Sep 25, 08 9:23 AM
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Welcome to the Atrum Mortis soldier! Finest regiment in the Imperium and the mail-shod fist of the God-Emperor.

If you're a new recruit, we'd like to welcome you with open arms into the brotherhood. You've just joined what's going to be the most competitive RvR guild on the server. We're very active and run flag raids and Public Quest warbands every night, if you need anything just ask a member and they'll be more then glad to help you with anything in game. If you have any questions, comments, ideas, complaints or need class or game mechanics advice ask an Officer in game, leave them a message on the forum, or send them a mail on this page and we'll get to your request as soon as possible.

If you're a member, welcome home! Kick up your feet, grab a pint and take it easy. We'll see you on the battlefield.


Xamus, Warrior Priest of Sigmar

Playing for keeps .

539969591_Inactive, Sep 26, 08 11:14 PM.
  • Another keep captured with Legion! Defended the keep captured yesterday from the vile forces of Chaos guild Fate.

Xamus, Warrior Priest of Sigmar.

War continues!

539969591_Inactive, Sep 26, 08 10:47 AM.
  • Raided a Dark Elf Keep with Legion and captured it! Cake and grief counseling for all!
  • Keep raid and flag run this afternoon at 5:00pm central time.


Xamus, Warrior Priest of Sigmar

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539969591_Inactive, Sep 25, 08 9:23 AM.
  • Created the guild page and am currently working on setting up the forum and regestering guild members and officers here.
  • Set up a vent server at my house. I'm not sure how much bandwith it's going to soak off my line at the moment, so if it starts draining too much to the point that I'm lagging out of the game I might need to find a more perminant solution. For temporary purposes though it should work.
  • Going to talk to the Guild Master about setting up the guild calender and setting up RvR and Scenario raid dates, recruitment drives, guild meetings and Public Quest nights.
  • Keep in mind that by participating in RvR and Scenarios we advance our guild level more then by questing, so if you see a flag point we own go down, or a flag we don't own yet start up a warband and get it back! You gain experience, gear, and renown by doing PvP so there is really no reason why you shouldn't try to be active in the war effort. Get out there and bust some heads and we'll very quickly become one of the most powerful guilds on the server!
  • We're currently the 4th largest order guild on the server, and the 9th largest overall. Get out there and recruit! We're also lagging far behind the destruction players at the moment, with their largest guild Fate weighing in with 110 players. Expect an uphill battle in the coming months.
  • We're currently the 6th ranked order guild in level on the server, and 13th overall. Once again on the destruction side our largest competitor is Fate at guild level 11. If we want to catch up we're going to have to recruit like mad and become more active in RvR to get the guild experience needed to level up.

Xamus, Warrior Priest of Sigmar.
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