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Da Blindin' Lytes Iz Bakk!
Jun 19, 10 12:33 AM
Gildlevul Sevun!
Oct 28, 08 12:08 AM
We's Gildlevul Six!
Oct 20, 08 11:03 AM
We's gettin' bettar!
Oct 12, 08 6:27 PM
We's Started!
Sep 26, 08 4:12 AM
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Welkum to da home ov Da Blindin' Lytes!


Da Blindin' Lytes Iz Bakk!

Dhurk Da Wyze, Jun 19, 10 12:33 AM.
We'z Comin' Bakk Fer Morr Fytin'!

(( Da Blindin' Lytes are reforming on WAR's Badlands server after a long absence/inactive period. Please contact Dhurk (da wyze) ingame for details on recruitment! ))

Gildlevul Sevun!

Dhurk Da Wyze, Oct 28, 08 12:08 AM.
Evree day we's gettin biggur an bettur!


- Dhurk Da Wyze

We's Gildlevul Six!

Dhurk Da Wyze, Oct 20, 08 11:03 AM.
Now dat we iz gildlevul six, we's allowd ta go into Da Vipurs Pit in da citee! Yu can buy all ov yer renown geer derr, so stop by an see if derrs anyting yu needs!

- Dhurk Da Wyze

We's gettin' bettar!

Dhurk Da Wyze, Oct 12, 08 6:27 PM.
Da gild iz now levul five! We's movin up in da werld! Da Blindin' Lytes iz guna be da bestest! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

- Dhurk Da Wyze

We's Started!

Dhurk Da Wyze, Sep 26, 08 4:12 AM.
Oi! Da Blindin' Lytes Iz Heer!

- Dhurk Da Wyze
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