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Warriors of the Ancient World
Warriors of the Ancient World is a new SuperGroup on the Justice server of the online game City of Heroes. The Warriors of the Ancient World are made up of heroes of the distant past who have been transported to this day and age to fight the eternal battle against the forces of evil. The vision for this SG is that it be a kind of home for multiple "mini-SGs" going along the same theme. What this means is that there would be multiple groups within the SG (following the types listed below, as well as any others that fit the theme), all under a separate commander who could basically treat the group as his own; e.g. the leader of the Spartan mini-group of the SG could recruit and set the parameters for his portion of the SG. We are currently looking for commanders as well as other members, and welcome all inquiries (send a tell to either Ionathos of Sparta or Olympus Fury for further info).

The types of heroes best suited to this SG are the warriors of such ancient lands as Greece (such as Athenians and Spartans), and Rome, among many others. Barbarians, Samurai, and Ninja, as well as Gods, Angels, Dragons, Beasts, and other mythical creatures all can find a home in this SG as well. Ancient Egyptians, other Africans, and Native American warriors are also welcome, as are medieval Knights, Vikings, and basically anything one can think of that would fit the theme of the SG.

Along with scrappers and tanks, any kind of trollers, defs, and blasters are welcome, as well as Peacebringers and Warshades. Only heroes with a natural, magic, or mutation origin may join (or science in the case of WS), and all powersets are ok, except for AR/Dev blasters, but this SG would be a good home especially for scraps and tanks utilizing the upcoming shield defensive set. The only real costume, powerset and naming restrictions are they all must be appropriate to the character and the theme of the SG. For more detailed info on this and some character ideas, check the relevant blog entries.

The hope for this SG is that it will be run somewhat democratically, but the leaders are -SL- Ionathos of Sparta (BS/WP scrap), Damos of Sparta (BS/WP scrap), Argyris (arch/mental Blaster), Arrow of Dawn (arch/mental Blaster), and Iphigenia of Troy (arch/mental Blater). We are proud to anounce that our base is up and running now, and want to welcome any and all new members. Events and activities such as CCs, TFs, badge/acc/AV/monster hunting, lots of mishes, lots of SK'ing, some farming, and having fun while earning Prestige are all priorities of this SG. Promotions will be based on Prestige earned, and all dedicated members will have a voice in how the SG takes shape. Lowbies and new members should get a lot of help from established members and those of higher lvls, though PL'ing will not be a function of our SG. RP'ing will also not be a priority of this SG, but players are free to play their toons in whichever manner they desire.

Site is Live! And welcome all

Damos of Sparta, Sep 29, 08 6:04 AM.
Site is live! Welcome to the out of game home to the Warriors of the Ancient World. We are glad to have all of our current members and always happy to welcome new members into our ranks. As our Welcome box states we are still looking for people to lead the vast number of ancient factions, so if you're interested feel free to ask one of our Guild Leaders.  Remember to always play in Super Group Mode; that prestige is what will one day help our base to grow and, who knows, maybe one day get us into the top 100.
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