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About Us

The Donkey Punch Express was founded on the Whisperwind server by Wakwakawaka and Merl as a 20-29 pvp guild.  We just wanted a place to hang out away from our regular guild and friends and just sit back and relax.

When we made the move to Warhammer Online we decided to keep the name.  Our guild base grew mostly from our impromptu pvp group in WoW also know as Team Small Fries.  We quickly joined to up to form a guild where there were no over stretching guild politics or attendance requirements.  We all wanted a place to hang out, chat, and smash in the faces of our opponents.


We are a group of mature players and seek to keep it that way.  We only want quality players in the guild that are able to follow direction and preform on the battlefield, but that are also able to have fun on vent and joke, as can be seen from our name, around with one another.  We look for people that can take constructive criticism about their class and want to grow as a player.

If you are interested in joining the Donkey Punch Express you can ether throw a post up on our forums on the recruiting tab or send an ingame tell to Merl, Morlan, or Silly and we can chat and see if you will be a right fit for us. 

Guild Rank 13!

540018680_Inactive, Nov 7, 08 8:19 AM.
Moving right along guys up to guild rank 13!!

Guild Rank 12!

540018680_Inactive, Nov 3, 08 6:56 AM.
This weekend we successfully hit guild rank 12 keep up the great work!

Guild Rank 11!!

540018680_Inactive, Oct 31, 08 12:49 PM.
I would like to thank everyone on their hard work on getting to the guild to rank 11.  We steadily moving towards rank 12 and should be able to hit it by the end of the weekend, if not sooner.

If you need anything from the guild bank for alts, yourself, or crafting feel free to grab anything.  If you are having troubles getting anything feel free to send an in game mail to Morlan with what you need and I will get it for you.

Happy Gaming!!

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