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Earth survivors synopsis

Earth survivors synopsis:

100 years had passed since "the day under the red sky", and some curious adventurers started to look for Red stone. The mercenaries hunted up everywhere even mountains, plains and islands for ‘Red Stone’. The result was cruel. They awoke the sleeping demons deep inside the mountains and islands. Lost in the war between ancient gods and demons, the demons hid themselves deep inside the surface but demons’ territory was trespassed and ruined by humans and as a price the demons started to attack the humans. The humans had no contact at all with the demons for a long time and the humans tried to protect their families, villages and countries but they were overpowered and outnumbered by the demons. The demons, awaken by the humans’ ignorant acts, did not leave the humans’ world alone. The most prosperous kingdom, Kingdom Eript, in the centre of Prandel collapsed by the savage demons and the name ‘Eript’ only ceased to exist in history. Even though Eript’s people lived in small tribes, the empire itself was ruined by the demons, monsters and anonymous divine creatures. But humans start to associate with other holy creatures like fallen angels, that turned themselves into priests on surface world, to survive the catasthrophe and have a chance to find redstone indices faster, One of this associations, started by three unknown adventurers: a priest (apocalypseangel) a tamer (daviann) and a magician (kutek) that called theirselves the Earth survivors, was an alliance created with the purpose to protect members of the attack of hostiles creatures. started to grown fast and become a strong guild that have to find redstone pieces before the others and destroy it, so finally Prandel and all the earth will become a nice place to live in peace again.


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