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Welcome To Eldar
Eldar is one of the oldest and most respected kinships on the Arkenstone server. Founded in the first weeks after LOTRO went live, we have obtained lifespan rank 10 and have our own kinship house.

The hallmarks of this kinship are maturity and respect. Eldar is a casual kin, focusing on recruiting quality players while still keeping in mind that all of us have lives outside of the game. We are constantly developing relationships with other likeminded kins to ensure the availability of raiding parties and other support for our members. We are looking long term - it's all about the journey and enjoying each others company as well as the game. We actively work to minimize drama both in the kin and in the broader community. The "tag" we wear is our mark of honor in the community and represents all of us.


Maturity - respect and integrity for yourselves, your team mates and all others encountered in game. A touch of class and style (however, we do get silly and have fun too!). We ask that applicants be 18 and over.

Communications - keep in touch with the kin via forums, email, etc. The idea is that this will be a "forum" for people to come together, get to know one another, and enjoy a great game together. We have a Ventrilo server available for members to use. You do not need be logged into ventrilo 24-7 – but you will need to have it setup and working to be interviewed and use. We use this for meetings and just hanging out as well as for grouping and raiding. It’s a great way to get to know fellow kin members.

Support – Eldar works to be a supportive environment for all its members. Kinmates help each other with quests, crafting and deeds and get equal support in return. It is expected that all members contribute to this when available, knowing that they will get the same kind of assistance in return. Kin jumpers need not apply.


Vendahl - Founder               Glielhry - Leader          
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