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Guild Requirements    
Our requirements are as follows:

(1) You must be a multiboxer.

(2) You must have someone in Victors of War (VoW) who will vouch for you.

(3) You must be active.

(4) You must NOT cause any sort of drama.  DRAMA is not tolerated in the guild, if you instigate it . . . you will immediately be removed from the guild.
Raid Loot    

(1) Guildmates will send in-game mail to Raid Leaders on specific classes, they are rolling before the RAID mob is engaged.

(2) Rolls are for 55+ toons for mobs like Nagafen, Noro & qoV.  Cazic Thule and Bert loot for Level 60 toons.

(3) If loot has not been called, this loot will be rolled on by guildmates with that class specific ALT - Level 55+.

(4) "Need Before Greed" will be observed.  It is understood by ALL (VoW) that if the player already has the item, that person will pass to allow someone that NEEDs item unless the player has other toons that NEED the item as well.

(5) All raid mob items over 50 million cannot be sold, however, any item less than 50 million may be sold at the winners discretion.  Out of courtesy to guildmates, winners should give them the opportunity to purchase.
We do not plan raids as other guilds may do, we are more spontaneous and based on our numbers, we will raid mobs accordingly. 

Victors of War is a small guild with lots of good people.

The guild is made up of active experienced multiboxers who enjoy playing Everquest Online Adventures. 

We have already conquered many lands . . . the Plane of Disease, Isle of Dread, Solusek Eye and the Plane of Sky.  Mighty foes have fallen before us . . . Noroxus and Bertoxxulous, CazicThule, Lord Nagafen and the Plane of Sky Twins . . . Bulwark and Talon.

We have sought out Vallon Zek and Razeal Moloch in the Plane of War, as well as fought numerous battles with the Khal Viceroy.

We wait in anticpation for the Gods to return so we may add them to our lists of conquests.

We are the Victors of War!

February 12, 2009:

Vallon Zek sporting Sapphyra's Sword does crazy damage on Gonz, as Victors of War vanquishes him yet again!


February 9, 2009:

Victors of War engage Vallon Zek in a mighty battle and bring him down!  MT'd by Gonz with a GREAT Support Team - Awesome job everyone!


January 11, 2009:

Neurosis MTs on his Warrior Bloodlet and Victors of War conquer Noroxus.


December 20, 2008:

Noroxous is defeated yet again by Victors of War.


December 16, 2008:

Horrible drops but a good kill, as always!


December 15, 2008:

Bertoxxulous went down once again.

December 15, 2008:

Synder of the Indigo down, grats to the epic finishers!


Live Out Loud    
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Game News    
February 5, 2009 - This past update: Vallon Zek was reinstated into the game, SK fixes for the Death Knight tag were implemented, Paladin AC adjustments to Guardians.  General miscellaneous fixes were made as well.

December 16, 2008 - This past update: OLD Frostfell Quests were activated, Vampire Infection was fixed, a NEW Frostfell Quest which awarded a Snowman pet ability.  The ability requires Frostfell coins were awarded through doing the Frostfell Quests.

November 27, 2008 - This past update: Halloween Quest - starting with Baker in Freeport, the Broken Blade Finale and VampireWERE.
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