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Knight Forge News

Knight Forge has moved to Avelorn

539972372_Inactive, Nov 6, 08 11:41 PM.
Let the sparks fly. Knight Forge is back in action! Our new home is Avelorn.
Tonight Illiak, Ilgauskis, Nogitan, Macredke, Rone (Athos by his new name) and Gruffin got together and reformed the guild.

The guild transfer worked successfully and we're still Rank 7, almost 8. 

I want to thank you lads for coming together to do this and I can't tell you how great it was to see you all again. Hopefully the future will be bright for us and for all of Warhammer Online but, as I've realized, even a not so perfect game can't take away the fun of being with good friends. So cheers and welcome back everyone!   /drink

We're making a decision on which server to transfer to!

539972372_Inactive, Oct 30, 08 9:48 AM.
This is a very important decision and the future of Knight Forge depends on it so please let your voice be heard! Go to the Voting polls page and vote. (If you haven't registered for access on this site please do so)

Guild Rank 7!

539972372_Inactive, Oct 23, 08 9:41 AM.
We got another tactic point to choose from and the merchant in Sigmar's Hammer now has some crafting materials usually only found off drops. Check it out when you get a chance. Good work and keep it going!   

Knight Forge achieves Rank 6!

539972372_Inactive, Oct 17, 08 8:00 AM.
We can enter Sigmar's Hammer now. It's located in the south west part of Altdorf. To be honest, there wasn't anything really exciting in there. Maybe all those renown gear merchants will have more to offer when the city is higher rank or the guild is higher rank or who knows. But anyways, you can go in there and check it out if you want to. We also got an additional tactic point for the standard. I chose a 5% boost to armor; it sounds useful. Congratulations everyone and keep up the good work.

A warm welcome to new members

539972372_Inactive, Oct 14, 08 4:45 PM.
We've had a lot of new members join the last few days and although I won't be able to always keep up with all the new names as we continue to grow, I'm going to go ahead and try this time. Please forgive me if I miss your name. It doesn't mean we don't love ya. It probably means you're an alt or you're already considered an "old timer".  :)

A warm welcome to Absinth, Caelrobar, Camelmain, Glamdring, Illiak, Kjaran, Kradune, Ling, Millicent, Ririr, Romrig, Syg, Thorill, Veangance, and Vonrichten. Some of you I've already had the pleasure of adventuring with and to those with whom I haven't, I look forward to it. Thanks for joining with us!
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