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Dark Crusaders
Guild needs to be started!
Sep 28, 08 2:58 PM
Officers needed!
Sep 28, 08 2:46 PM
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Welcome to the Dark Crusade!

"He is Tzeentch! The Changer of Ways! The Raven God! The Lord of Mutation! He is the master of all that changes, and the changer of all that remains! His will is Chaos, and all the creatures of Chaos are but fleeting thoughts in his vast mind!"
– Drang The Preacher

We crusade for the Raven God! So that all will bow down before his mighty power! All those who refuse shall we slain without mercy. Every last unbeliever will be rooted out and slain! For that is the task the Raven God has bestowed upon us.

((We are a med-light RP guild, heavy RVR, light PVE))

Guild needs to be started!

539973486_Inactive, Sep 28, 08 2:58 PM.
Since Lustria is such a small server, i am finding it very hard to start the guild this very second. So, once you have signed up. Look for me, Herthan, in game and send me a tell. Once we get 6 people ready to go, the guild we start and the Dark Crusaders shall rein supreme.

Officers needed!

539973486_Inactive, Sep 28, 08 2:46 PM.
I am currently looking for responsible and mature players to become officers. Since this is my first time ever making a guild or running a guild website i will need all the help i can get.

Send me a message if you are interested!
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