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Welcome to Sapphire Gate!

Sapphire Gate is an EverQuest II guild on the Kithicor server. Organized on May 31st, 2008, Sapphire Gate was designed to "put the RP back in MMORPG". While there are servers in the EverQuest II system devoted to role play, there were two main reasons Sapphire Gate was formed on Kithicor instead.

First, because we hope to bring this concept to people who many not be familiar with it - enhancing their online gaming experience and exposing them to something they may not have understood before.

Second (and overwhelmingly) because our friends were already playing on this server so we were here anyway :)

In addition to creating a rich backdrop of stories and characters for our gaming, we hope to help newcomers to the concepts of role playing find out how it can be fun and rewarding and to provide the mutual support of a typical guild (such as)
-- Friends and character classes to help with quests and raids
-- A guild hall with bank, broker, transportation, and more.
-- Status and standing of a guild for the purchase of restricted items (such as mounts and housing)

In this website you should find forums full of information on our guild and stories written by our members, a calendar for the tracking of guild events, and a few social bonuses like pictures and links associated with EverQuest play and players.

Thanks for your interest! Come join us!
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