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Symphony of War
Leveling up
Oct 5, 08 9:50 AM
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Welcome to Symphony of War, a Warhammer Online guild based on the Dark Crag server.

Symphony of War is a guild that thrives on top level competitive PvP. Our end-game goals are to dominate in 6 vs. 6 and 12 vs. 12 open world encounters. We plan to have a roster of around 30 talented players in order to consistently field several groups with balanced make-ups.

Through alliances with similarly minded guilds, we intend to contribute greatly to the war effort by strategically coordinating objective and keep captures. We look forward to the tactical challenge of fighting a numerically superior Destruction force.

Most of our members are veteran Beta testers, and as such have an intimate knowledge of game mechanics across multiple classes. This experience combined with a pool of very talented players has already lead us to being one of the top guilds on Dark Crag.

Leveling up

539976057_Inactive, Oct 5, 08 9:50 AM.
With the official launch of Warhammer Online already a few weeks behind us, our members are currently in the (not so long) grind to 40. Once enough of us cap out, we will be running instances and PQs to gear up.

In the meantime, scenarios are the order of the day.
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