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And An Imaginary Friend
I am now playing Chaos 3.0.3 server
Dec 3, 08 6:36 PM
Nov 26, 08 8:06 AM
i'm back biotches
Nov 20, 08 6:16 PM
Still here
Oct 31, 08 6:20 PM
Oct 29, 08 5:43 PM

Chaoscrusade is now shut down and so this site is goin down as well

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I am now playing Chaos 3.0.3 server

Fearsalot1, Dec 3, 08 6:36 PM.
I am playing the WotLK server cause i cant downgrade my comp

this is my final goodbye and i will no loner post of this site or on the forums on even be on vent. goodbye guys.... forever....


Fearsalot1, Nov 26, 08 8:06 AM.
I have major trouble with my comp so ya.

Nothing new that i know of to report today

i'm back biotches

Fearsalot1, Nov 20, 08 6:16 PM.
I found the realmlist folder and since WotLK is getting boring cause lvling is soooooooo boring. having trouble logging in so umm yea.

Still here

Fearsalot1, Oct 31, 08 6:20 PM.
I can play for a bit each day. So i will be able to monitor the site and what not


Fearsalot1, Oct 29, 08 5:43 PM.
grounded from comp, will be gone for long time.
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