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We are finding there are many Heroes coming to Paragon in search of a place to belong, but are not looking for the "baby-sitting" job that comes with alot of SG's now.Not to say that we won't help others in need of advice or guidance, just that we are not looking to spend our time as a personal bodyguard for one who can fend for themself.


((I mean think about it, if Statesman had needed a "baby-sitter" we wouldn't even have the world we call home right now. We are hero's and with that we have a higher standard to live up to, and need to stop looking to other hero's to get it done for us.
We are here to help those like us, those who want to get up, arrest the bad guys, have an adult discussion or two with friends, and then off to bed, get up and be the "hero" all over again. ))

We are not out for Glory or Fame,
we are here to Serve and Protect


Please feel free to bring you villians to the VG "Parental Advisory" for their beating and whipping pleasures. We have opened our doors on the Red side, and can't wait to see what demonic and savage creatures will join our ranks. just keep one thing in mind over here on the "red" side . . . .

We are finding there are many Villains coming to The Rouge Isles in search of Fortune and Infamy, but are not looking for the "petty smash and grab jobs" that comes with alot of VG's now. .We are here to achive World DOMINATION !!
We are out for Glory and Fame, we are here to Slay and Pummel those who cannot protect themselves. We will not show weakness, nor do we run from a fight!

We shall dine on the hearts cleaved from our enemie's chest,
and drink from the crimson blood of their skull,
and steal their shoes !




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