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Server (EU) : Mount Silverspear

Allegiance : ORDER

BattleCry originally started out as a group of real life friends from Hellas but members from all around the globe are welcome to our Guild. The founding members of the guild have already experience on MMO games like WoW, EvE online, DAoC, AoC and DDO.

Our primary goal is to utterly crush the wimpy forces of Destruction and secondary to take part in PvE aspects of game.



We pride ourselves on cooperation and teamwork. We are dedicated to creating a mature friendly and fun atmosphere and will be focused on progressing through the game all that Warhammer has to offer, including RVR and end-game PvE content.

 However, be recognized as one of the best without feeling like you’re working a second job. Real Life comes first of course. Given the guild leveling system of WarHammer every member contributes to strengthen the guild, no matter how often can he/she play. Its obvious that we have real life obligations and we shall not press our members RL schedule, as long as they show a bit interest when online to help our guild and its members.

So whether a person is a hard-core gamer or just looking for a mature, fun group to socialize and communicate with there is a place for him/her in BattleCry.

·        What we like : to play together and crush our enemies under our banner

·        What we don’t like : non mature behaviour and disrespect between guild members



Its important that members feel loyal to each other and the guild itself. This means that we defend each other. If you don’t feel loyal to the guild as a whole and to its members there is little purpose in being here.   

In BattleCry we ask that you keep an open mind and show respect to all members of the guild and our allies. You may not agree with them every time but remember that you share the same goals. Whatever you do reflects upon you and the guild. Do not Dishonour the guild. 


We ask that guild members do not attempt to profit off other guild members we are here to use our abilities to help each other, not gain wealth from each other. So we ask that you charge guild members material cost or no cost at all for any orders. If members wish to tip that’s by their own choice.


If you are NOT under 20 years old and agree with the rules mentioned above you are welcome to join us.

Guild leader : Skyclad

Guild officers : Enkidu, Lillabeth

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