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gate keepers of oblivion
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Gate Keepers of Oblivion will rule the world

Gate keepers of oblivion was made just to be the oposite of every other guild. We respect all levels, we help anyone, anyone can get into the guild bank, No level requirements. We play the game just for the fun of it and take nothing serious.

The gate keepers are a questing guild that will help anyone quest but no members are forced to quest. We also twink charicters.

The gate keepers do dungeons almost every day eather for quests, items, or just to have fun. We do a range of dungeons from RFC to ZG. We do regular dungeons and raid dungeons

The gate keepers are the guild that will protect unprotected citys and towns. When tarren mill is under attack the Gate keepers are the first to be there. With level 60s that kill level 70s they will attempt to protect any town any where. They are evan known to drop what they are doing just to go kill alliance.

The gate keepers also do Battlegrounds they are almost always high up in the ranks. Some are known to come in and lead the Horde to a win evan though the alliance are 1000 points ahead. They plot revenge as well. such as farming the alliance in Warsong Gulch after capturing the flag two times already.
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