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"Dogs of Doom"

We are a family style guild that is committed to raiding.  We ask guild members, new, and old, to commit time to helping fellow guild-mates in achieving the necessary flags and faction for whatever current content the guild is raiding. We are committed to raiding and expect other guild members to have the same commitment. We ask for members to commit to 25% of our raid schedule which is Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:00 - 9:30 PM CST. If you are looking for a guild hall to park your toon in or are looking for a 100% family style guild then we are not the guild for you. Thank you for your interest.

Dogs of Doom is now farming Steam Factory and other "Secrets of Faydwer" static and raid hits. "Mining Behemoth" , "Clankwrench"and"Spindlecrank" are all down in Steamfactory. Bloodmoon 1 and 2 as well as Wirlem have already fallen before the "Dogs" might.

What's New?!

Steamfactory Cleared!

Aaiin101, May 6, 09 6:45 PM.

Dogs Sweep Steamfactory!

Another night, another victory! Dogs of Doom stormed into Steamfactory in anticipation of another milestone. After taking out the usual Mining Behemoth and Clankwrench we were determined to add Spindlecrank to the list of conquests. After going over the game plan we charged in to a great attempt, leaving Spindle at 4% and the Dogs confident that with one last tweak it would be a success. Without hesitating the Dogs regrouped and engaged Spindle to a total domination!

Congratulations to the Winners

Lilian - Filigreed Starburst Stud
Kublacon - 
Tempered Steamwound Pummeler
Sadanie - Ancient Husk Cowl
Novia - Ancient Velvet Hat

With Steamfactory under wraps, the Dogs are determined to finish off Big Bynn and Deepscar to flag their first for the Mansion! The Dogs are still looking for a few more to join their ranks, particuarly in the area of DPS. If you think you have what it takes send an in-game tell to an officer or fill out an APPLICATION.

MMM Flagging Underway!

Aaiin101, Apr 6, 09 3:09 PM.

Mining Behemoth Dominated!

Even with the ruthless killing of Time the other week, we felt that it wasn't enough and that a new target had to be undertaken. We decided to enter The Steam Factory with determination, eager to undertake a new challenge. Soon, we foundnd ourselves staring eye to eye with the Mining Behemoth himself. After about 10 minutes of talking strat and debating on the best way to approach the encounter, we decide to take him on, and after two or three attempts we got him down to about 16%. Confident that we could beat him, we tweaked our strategy and finally downed the beast! Congratulations Dogs of Doom on breaking into MMM Flagging Content!!!!!!

Congratulations to the Winners

Martinique - Glowing Facemask of Mending
Ayia - Glowing Facemask of Mending
Ravenworld - Ancient Hardened Breastplate
Frauvus - Ancient Scaled Sleeves

With Mining Behemoth going onto the farm rotation, the Dogs have turned their attention to Clankwrench and the other three MMM flagging events.

The Dogs are still looking for quality players, particuarly DPS classes. If you think that you'd like to join our ranks then feel free to send an in-game tell to any DoD member or fill out an application!

Dogs Bring Doom to Fabled Time!

Aaiin101, Mar 21, 09 1:20 AM.

DoD takes on Fabled Time!

So the Fableds are back up and everyone is running around doing quests and looking for fabled. Not wanting to be left out DoD decided to explore the old and forgotten Plane of Time! After zipping through the first three phases we found ourselves face to face with the immortal Gods themselves. Of course the Dogs come away with a win. By the end of the night Terris Thule and Saryn both ran away screaming like little girls.

After disposing of Terris and Saryn, DoD helped themselves to the spoils. Congratulations to Ravenworld and Akilleez on winning the first items from Fabled Time!

With Saryn and Terris Thule down, DoD is setting their sites for the rest of the Fabled Time Gods. As well, DoD is looking for people that are skilled with their characters and are interested in raiding. If you are interested in joining us, please see our
Recruitment page.

Beltron the Shade King Defeated!

Aaiin101, Mar 4, 09 11:54 PM.

Beltron the Shade King Defeated!


After taking on Frostcrypt for awhile Dogs of Doom finally decided to give Beltron a shot. Leery of the recent server instability resulting in multiple crashes, DoD entered Frostcrypt in hopes of cooperation from Sony's side. After teasing apart a few misconceptions we finally met up face to face with the King himself!


Needless to say it was a complete success!! Beltron is down and DoD moves forward!

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Aaiin - Embroidered Sash of the Icecaller
Keeln - Timeworn Chestguard Mold
Sashaz - Timeworn Chestguard Mold
Hanthor - Icy Ring of Boreal Essence
Sashaz - Runed Sash of the Wraithguard (Charm Piece)

With Frostcrypt officially on farm status we are setting the sights for the future. Solteris flagging is underway, and DoD will soon venture in, hungry for something else to conquer. As well, DoD is always on the lookout for talented palyers. If you’d like to join us please take a look at our RECRUITMENT page. We’d love to have you join us!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Renniks, Oct 7, 08 1:17 PM.
   The "Dogs" Raid every Sun., Mon., Wed. and Fri. from 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM CST. We are a 80+level guild and are currently raiding Frostcrypt and Ashengate and will soon be moving into Solteris.
   Our goal is to be on SoF raid content and beyond within a year (end of 2009). End game within 1.5 years. (Summer of 2009)
    If you are quality toon with raid experience and a stack of AA's (500-750+) and would like to apply for membership please see "DOD APP" in our forums.
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