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Hi and welcome to The Fifth Dynasty's little slice of the internet.

The Fifth Dynasty is an alliance in Warhammer Online, we reside on the Ironclaw server on the side of Order.

Current members -

Avatar Dynasty
November Fifth

We are an alliance of like minded guilds that believe that helping each other towards a greater goal is a way of life.
One of TFD's main goals is the assistance to its members in capturing and defending Guild Keeps. We aim to achieve an alliance that an any time can offer assistance to its members in defense of their keep.

TFD is about helping each other and working together towards common goals.

TFD Power

KyliaD, Nov 24, 08 3:01 AM.
You no mess with us

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TFD Shows a bit of its power

KyliaD, Oct 17, 08 7:51 PM.
Friday October 17th the Alliance stormed DragonWake and took back all BO's and keeps, including Dead Reckoning taking ownership of one of the keeps, against a sizable force of destruction. We then proceeded to start flipping the zone.
We heard reports that Destruction were not comfortable coming back into the zone, and they did not come back until around midnight. For the next 4 hours the alliance held off a much greater destruction horde with many more levels on our guys and gals, yet at the end of the assault, Dragonwake was still Orders.

Awesome work all!

Guild Levels

KyliaD, Oct 9, 08 3:34 PM.
November Fifth and Avatar Dynasty both hit level 15 within minutes of each other last night. Grats to both guilds.
Ex Imperator is pushing thru level 14 nicely as well.

Current Keep Ownership

KyliaD, Oct 8, 08 5:11 PM.
TFD currently own both keeps in Reikland.

First Keeps Captured and defended by TFD

KyliaD, Oct 7, 08 3:41 PM.
On Sunday the 5th of October N5 and AD decided to claim their first keeps, the keeps were Saphery and Avelorn. Upon claiming these keeps, there was a bunch of pictures taken and then the goal was to drop the banners again, but just at that time a large group of destruction decided to attempt to take our two keeps.
Four and a half hours later they finally gave up, and TFD had successfully defended both keeps from numbers far superior to thier own.
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