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The Old Republic


If you are looking for XFOR playing SW:The Old Republic....


Some 5 years ago plus, a small group of game players from the 501st Legion “Vaders Fist” set out to play a massive multiplayer online game (MMOG), based in the Star Wars universe: Star Wars Galaxies.

SOE approached members of the 501st booth at C2, and the plans were set into motion. What better testing grounds than the computer gamers of the 501st Legion.

Soon after, these members recruited the “beta testing” forces that would later become the 501st Expeditionary Forces guild, also known as “XFOR”, in the Star Wars Galaxies Universe. The guild of XFOR was born, and has dominated the Starsider server, ever since.

Today, that guild looks forward to the upcoming MMOG...
Star Wars: The Old Republic...





In an effort to prepare the move of players from SWG to SW:TOR, we are encouraging those members wishing to play to register early at the new guild site. From now until game launch, this site will be your information for XFOR activities, and information.


The XFOR guild charter extends the best practices of the legions code of conduct, and we put our best face forward in the gaming community. For this reason, upholding the legions reputation is key to our ongoing relationship with developers.


If you are a current XFOR member, or a 501st Legion member, and would like to be a part of the 501st XFOR guild in the Old Republic, please follow the link below.


Best Regards,


Trotula / Vaovet


moyersigbar.jpg picture by vaovet





XFOR is a completely Imperial guild, in the Star Wars universe.  Our guild mission is to preserve the essence of friendship and camaraderie. We believe in helping fellow guild members, and the development of characters. We have members from every race, profession and level. We rely on each other, for help in the development of our individual characters, and our guild as a whole.


Congratulations Ofekiet! Our newest Officer

"Valve", Jan 21, 09 6:17 PM.
Congrats ofe, 
our newest officer of Xfor

Please welcome him in his new position with open arms,
We belive he will serve our ranks proudly

VONIA brings Halloween to our city of Had Abbadon

Trotula, Oct 30, 08 12:00 AM.
Vonia and BillyJak have truly outdone themselves!!!!!
They have decorated our mall, and now added an incredible Halloween touch to our PA Hall, and city.
If you weren't able to see it live, please take the time to look at the Halloween photos here in the gallery.
They worked long and hard on this project...please show your appreciation.
We thank you!!!!
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Halloween in Had

Halloween in Had

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