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Malygos 25 Down!
Apr 13, 09 8:29 AM
That's the way we do it!
Apr 8, 09 7:30 AM
OMFG a news post?!
Apr 3, 09 11:15 PM
Let the train roll on...
Jan 26, 09 5:42 AM
So we stepped into 25 mans...
Jan 14, 09 5:45 AM
Welcome to Blackened Vanity!

Blackened Vanity is a new guild on the Azjol-Nerub server. While small, we have large aspirations. The experience level and commitment of 'BV' members is high, and so are our expectations of new recruits. If you do not have courage, commitment to excellence and an aggressive edge please continue to another guild's website.
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Malygos 25 Down!

Lord Drakahl, Apr 13, 09 8:29 AM.

We finally set aside an entire raid night (3 hours) to learning Malygos 25. Prior to last night we'd only had time for 1 or 2 attempts, max. Anyone who's had to learn new content knows that only 1 or 2 attempts per trip just doesn't cut it.

What did our first dedicated raid night to this one boss yield? Phat lewts. That's what it yielded.

So, BV has now downed every 25 man boss currently available. We still have Sarth +2 and +3 to master, but only for the achievements. Once we have Maly 25 officially on farm, we'll dedicate a full night to Sarth 3d and be done with it. I'm sure he's only 3 hours away from 'died'.

That's the way we do it!

Lord Drakahl, Apr 8, 09 7:30 AM.
This might seem pedestrian to some of the more elite guilds out there, but to us it was a hell of an accomplishment...


Yes, Blackened Vanity, the casual guild that raids 7 hours total per week (4 on Tuesdays, 3 on Sundays), has half a dozen full clears under their belt, and can now farm the zone in a single night. And yes, we've been safely calling it farm content for several weeks now.

1 - We typically 1-shot every boss
2 - We were clearing it in 4 1/2 hours the past 3 clears anyway
3 - 1/2 - 2/3 of the loot we receive gets DE'd, goes to offspec or gets handed to non-Raider members we backfill vacancies with.

And our next announcement is:  Blackened Vanity is NO LONGER recruiting ANY class or build. There may be room in our ranks for exceptional players, but you're going to have a hard time proving just how exceptional you are ;)

This Sunday we finally devote a full night to Malygos 25, our last piece of unconquered content. Wish us luck.

...and look for us in Ulduar 25 the day it drops :)

OMFG a news post?!

Lord Drakahl, Apr 3, 09 11:15 PM.
Sorry for the huge gap in news posts, folks.  We've been raiding. We've cleared Nax 25 a few times. We've done Malygos 10, started on Malygos 25 and almost defeated Sartharion 25 +2. We've lost members, replenished our ranks, regeared, taught new people how to raid, retaught new people how to raid, etc etc etc etc... it feels endless. We've also restructured our loot system, defined our progression strategy for Ulduar and defined are core Raid team.

Right now we're focused on preparing for Ulduar 25, the night it launches. Stay tuned to see how far we get, and how fast. :)

Let the train roll on...

Lord Drakahl, Jan 26, 09 5:42 AM.

Sartharion 25 + 1 Drake (Twilight Assist) killed for the first time.
Heigan & Loatheb 25 killed for the first time.

Not a bad raid, all in all. Great work peeps :)

This past week we also built 2 10-man teams and it was only time constraints that prevented a triple clear of Nax this week.

I'd like to also mention that we are still recruiting. We need a couple very skilled healers, a warlock or two and perhaps another rogue or other melee DPS. There are, without a doubt, classes that we simply do not need. So, if you're curious about joining and/or bringing friends then please make sure you speak to Terrogar, Drakahl or Dyvernius in game for further details. We are very selective with who we invite, so be ready to bring your A game.

So we stepped into 25 mans...

Lord Drakahl, Jan 14, 09 5:45 AM.

Last night was our first official raid night following the return of both Drakahl and Terrogar from their year-end breaks. Before I get into the actual news of this news story I'd like to drop an apology to our guildmates for the time we took off, and how that time overlapped. It was unfortunate but necessary, on each of our ends respectively, and shouldn't happen again. That said...

So we were waiting for our raid time to come around. Lo and behold, Wintergrasp came up for grabs and Terrogar saw that we had almost enough people online for a clean guild kill on Archavon (it was way early for us). So he formed up a couple of groups, with a pug member or two, and claimed Wintergrasp. Then my phone rang, I logged on and we destroyed Archavon like the little redheaded stepchild of a raid boss that he is. I swear the other raid bosses laugh at him.

From there we went straight to Dragonblight, zoned into OS and laid waste to Sartharion with 2 healers. Even with a very, very hairy pull of the last drake (on top of a group of trash, quite accidentally) we handled the zone fairly well. Only a gnome died, I think. So all was right with the world.

These are fairly standard, trivial accomplishments though. And they are not the real shining moment of the night. I simply list them to show that we were basically non-stop destruction for many, many hours last night. Several of which were on a whim.

We took a short 10 minute break and formed up our first 25 man, guild-only raid force... and promptly destroyed 25-man Sartharion. Honestly he didn't seem any harder than 10-man... if not a little easier. The success here, however, inspired us and motivated us to push for Nax 25.

The bosses certainly hit harder. A few that we faced will have us re-thinking our approach. The 10-man strat for some of these bosses is obviously not an option. That's to be expected, though. The trash is mostly a joke, especially with 2 DK and a Warrior tanking the trash pulls en masse. Pull 2, 3 groups and all three tanks AoE threat their butts off while 4 mages, 2 locks, 2 hunters, 2 rets, 2 DK, 2 rogues lay absolute destruction down atop them. Yep, sounds like fun to me.

And of course we can never do anything the easy way. We did 95% of our Nax 25 run with 23 to 24 raid members, depending on which boss you want to ask about. We only had 25 people for 1 boss. And for much of the stay, we had 5 healers (we'd obviously have preferred at least 1 more).

We successfully cleared Spider wing, Razuvious and Gothik. The spider wing was full of some very heroic wins on the part of newer members who recovered from bad situations when the unexpected happen and yet somehow made it all work for us. As sloppy as our wins were in that wing, it was our first attempt at them, a learning experience and it was an absolute blast. Extra thanks to Potem for being so on-the-ball. We couldn't have expected more from a fresh tank.

On the agenda for later this week: Any night this week we might randomly clear Nax 10. Sunday we will be raiding and on the list of targets is: Malygos 10, Nax 10, Nax 25, Archavon 25... all depending on who's online and where we've left things by that point.

WE ARE RECRUITING at least 1 more solid tank, preferrably of the non-DK, non-Warrior variety. We'd kill for a skilled Druid or Paladin tank. No, it won't win you any special loot favor but we'll love you for being here and you'll get all warm and fuzzy inside. Besides, joining now gives you the chance to participate in some very cool guild firsts in very short order, and the only thing better than dropping a raid boss is helping a guild drop him for the first time, so...

WE ARE ALSO RECRUITING healers. Several of them. Ideally: 1 - 2 Druids, 1 more Shaman and possibly 1 more Priest. All classes will be considered, but ya better be on the ball.

For anyone wishing to join, please note:  We only "officially" raid two days per week, Tuesday and Sunday. As a result, we take those nights very seriously. We favor people who research fights, plan their gear upgrades in advance, min-max their raid role and those who pass on gear willingly in order to better the raid force as a whole, rather than just themselves.

If you are interested in joining please speak with BOTH Terrogar AND Drakahl in game. And be quick about it. We have been turning people away. Don't let our ranks fill before you get your shot.
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