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Welcome to Eulogy, a raiding guild on the Mayong server of Everquest. If you're interested in joining us please post an application  on our forums and an officer will contact you.

A new guild, a new target!

Gugrok~, Sep 13, 09 6:21 AM.
It's been a while since the last update and that's because a lot has gone on. First of all, Antisocial & Infelicis have merged into one new guild called Eulogy. The new guild leader is Gugrok, officer team being Heyeu, Pebbells, Saffire, Cencamia & Mandoralen.

Saturday night saw us venture into the Theater of Blood and quite a successful night it was too. A few of our members walked away with armour upgrades, the best of which being Greaves of Night's Bane which were won by Mandoralen.

Here's to the continued success of Eulogy.

Ikkinz! An epic saga

Gugrok_EQ, Aug 14, 09 7:55 AM.
Our raid force gathered in the guild hall for what promised to be an eventful evening. Cureosity called for buffs to begin then announced that our target would be Ikkinz: Trial of Righteousness.

We all made our way to Kod'Taz and the clear into the instance began. Scoresby and Baratone started bringing wave after wave of enemies that were quickly dispatched by our massed force. When the way was clear we moved in and entered the foreboding temple.

Once inside, a brief rundown of the expected adventure was given, buffs were touched up and our pull team commenced. After a brief but hectic clearing we were ready for the first 2 priests, both were dispatched in a hail of destructive force. Now we were ready for the final priest, we moved across the hallway and braced ourselves for the fight to come. I was given the command to engage and in a whirl of blades I had angered the priest sufficiently to call for my comrades to assist. As our damage dealers and healers joined the fray the priest tried valiantly to defend itself but it was all for nought and it fell at my feet, distraught that it had failed to stop our progress.

After a brief rest we moved onwards, slaughtering our way towards our next targets. Both Defenders of Righteousness fell without consequence and our way was clear to face the Custodian of Righteousness. This foe surprised us before we were completely ready for it, Graecus laid down his life to give us the time we needed to get things under control and as a result it died without giving us any more trouble.

The next test of this trial was our toughest, the Guardian of Righteousness. This was where our previous expedition had met a premature end and we were determined it would not happen again.

We set ourselves for the fight to come, Graecus was to engage first while myself and Nuroku were to create diversions for the minions that would come to life during the course of the fight. A strategy that served us well until Graecus fell under the sheer weight of blows that rained upon him, up went the shout and I dived headlong into the fray, distracting the behemoth long enough for our healers to re-focus their efforts on me. We managed to endure the beating until the beast was almost dead when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye one its minions charged at me, distracting me long enough for its master to shatter my defenses and remove me from the fight. Luckily our force had its wits about it and it fell soon after. We raised our companions and girded ourselves for the last 2 fights.

The Crumbling Monolith stood before us, blocking our advancement like some long forgotten titan. We knew that if we dispatched this beast our way was clear to the final fight. Graecus again engaged first and then called for assistance, this time there were no shouts or distractions and the beast fell silent.

The great stone door slid open before us and there stood the Spirit of Tunik Tamuik, knowing that its time in this realm was at an end. I strode forward, handed it the shawl and attacked. It was a fast and furious fight, with the spirit trying to deceive us by shapeshifting into various forms. It did no good as it too fell before our gathered might and the way was now open to Ikkinz: Trial of Glorification....

As far as our rewards for the evening, Kanya received Aegis of Blackscales, Texx won Darkglint Blade and a Shining Bloodstone went to Nuroku, Whiplash & Gaitan.

A wandering we will go

Gugrok_EQ, Aug 2, 09 5:33 AM.
First up was a visit to the Ruined City of Dranik and a little tussle with this guy: Krekk Brimblade, after we paid our respects and all finished laughing at him, I am now the proud owner of Antisocials first epic 1.5, Champions Sword of Eternal Power, thank you all for help. Special mention goes out to Scoresby, thank you.

After that, we stepped into Veeshans Peak and as a guild we walked out with our heads held high. Time alone limited us to 3 dragons taking a dirt nap. Silverwing was first, Nexona 2nd and lastly Hoshkar.

As far as loots go, it was productive without being spectacular. Pebbells received Aged Hammer of the Dragonborn, Mithinar picked up Robe of Burning Sorcery and Graecus won Gemstone of Enhanced Health, all from Silverwing. From Nexona's corpse we tore Aged Bo Staff of Trorsmang for Whiplash & Aged Star of the Guardian for Graecus. To finish the night we picked up Aged Shissar Elementalist's Staff for Arathon, another Gemstone of Enhanced Health for Baratone and Mask of Infirmity for Wired, all from Hoshkar.

A dyslexic man got invited to a toga party... He went dressed as a goat.

Gugrok_EQ, Jul 26, 09 7:21 AM.
We returned tonight to the Halls of Honor and said our farewells to Rydda'Dar before he went to that great dragon boneyard in the sky.

Then it was off to Qvic and GOATS! Ptav died at our hands and presented us with a bracer mold, Mnat was next and sleeves for Cencamia were on the menu. To finish off our goat adventure we killed Dvoin for boots for Zamozek and a new helm for myself.

Disease, Fire and Sharks!

Gugrok_EQ, Jul 24, 09 6:33 AM.
Tonight we took on Grummus, Pyronis & Magmaton. None of them stood up very long. No real upgrades to speak of but we did get some very welcome spells.

We also took on the Ancient Megalodon for Cureosity's epic 1.5, needless to say he is now a step closer to finishing it.
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