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Karnage moves to Dark Crag
Jan 6, 09 2:09 AM is now up & running!
Dec 6, 08 11:33 AM
Guild Recruiting
Oct 24, 08 1:14 AM
Oct 20, 08 11:31 PM




Karnage moves to Dark Crag

Kneedle Bloodtaker, Jan 6, 09 2:09 AM.
Thats right! We finally got our server transfer & we have moved to Dark Crag. All members who transfer to Dark Crag will keep their Guild Title & Rank. We are very happy to be on the most highly populated oRvR server in Warhammer. Now we will have the numbers to siege forts & cities. Finally, some end game gear!!! is now up & running!

Kneedle Bloodtaker, Dec 6, 08 11:33 AM.

Guild Recruiting

Kneedle Bloodtaker, Oct 24, 08 1:14 AM.
   As a new guild, we have decided to give the ability to recruit new members to everyone currently in Karnage! This will allow our guild roster to grow exponentially.
   Do you have a friend that wants to join? No need to ask, just send them an invite & they may join. The reason Karnage was created was to have a group of people online that you can work with as a team. The more people we have in the guild, the better your chances of getting the help you need, when you need it. 
    As co-founders of Karnage, Kryptress & I strongly encourage all of you to recruit as many people as you can. However, we also encourage you to extend your knowledge & a helping hand to everyone in our great guild. 
    It's about having fun, feeling like you belong, & doing well in the game. So rudeness & disrespect will not be tolerated. If any guild member feels they were mistreated, please notify a guild officer and we will do our best to handle your issues quickly & diplomatically. Officer ranks include Death Lord, High Death Lord, Warlord (Kneedle) & Karnage Master (Kryptress). You can contact us through in-game chat or mail, or here on the website. Lines of communication are always open.
    So go get all of your friends & we'll see you on the battlefield. United we stand!

Kneedle Bloodtaker, Oct 20, 08 11:31 PM.
Thanks for visiting Karnage online. With the help of our guild members, our guild ranking is increasing quickly & we now have our guild vault, battle standards, & guild tactics. Our roster is growing as we add new members daily.
  As a guild, our ultimate goal is to take part in the end game City Sieges, but in the mean time we will focus on helping our guild reach the level cap & share important information about this new game. Things like Tome unlocks, character career paths, gear & many other aspects of the game.
  Our guild was created by a close group for friends who have been in the MMORPG world for many years, playing old fav's like EverQuest & Worlds of Warcraft.
  This is not a zerg guild, we want our members to think of us as a team. We are not just a bunch of random players running around the game world with a useless title above our heads.
  We intend to be a powerful force on Dark Crag (an open RvR server) and we are here to stay. At the moment we are recruiting all levels & classes. For a guild invite PST "Kneedle" or Kryptress" in game.

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