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Welcome to Deify

Deify is the recasting of several different groups, allied under the single banner of the universal activity of fun, raiding.  We are currently the only mid/late night raiding guild on the AN server, and we are focusing on Wrath content with a few throwbacks to some of the classic raids when time and opportunity come about.

Our Goals:
We are a progression oriented guild with nights set for progression and a few set for casual farming.  We plan to progress with a core group of raiders, not alts and not offspec classes. 

Our Rules:

  1. Don't be a douchebag, if you want to become a core raider you are going to have to earn the respect of your Raid Leader(s).
  2. If you want to go gear hopping, go to another guild.  We reward loyalty, if you want gear, you'll get it, along with everyone else.  Together we are strong, seperate we are weak!
  3. Raid times/groups will be assigned by the Raid Leader FOR THAT RAID through the internal guild calander.  We of course will work to find times/days that best fit all our raiders schedules.
  4. Respect and help your guildmates, this is in regards to personal contact as well as assistance with quests/instance runs/etc.. If you get something in a drop that can be thrown into the gbank, do it, someone can use it!
  5. Raiders will be afforded repair one else.
  6. Loot system for raids is Loot Council, we do not believe in DKP and as such will not use it.  Everyone will get loot, see #2 for our feelings in regard to this matter.
  7. Most of all...have fun, its a game and we're setting high standards to progress and do well, but its still a game!
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