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Late Night All Stars
Meet the GMs
Oct 16, 08 9:59 PM
The guild bank
Oct 16, 08 9:54 PM
Bonus System
Oct 16, 08 9:30 PM
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Welcome to Late Night All Stars!

Thank you for joining our guild.  This site is the repository for all you need to know about us.  Late Night All Stars is a leveling guild that was created to give people playing during late hours an opportunity to chat, level, group and rais on what is normally a low population server.

The basic rules are these: 1) be interested in leveling to 70 (80 when Wrath of the Lich King comes out) and play often enough to get there as soon as you can. 2) be friendly and respective of others, and think about what you can contribute to the guild and not just what loot you can get out of it.  3) kill alli whenever possible, and 4) have fun!
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Meet the GMs

540000529_Inactive, Oct 16, 08 9:59 PM.
Nobleeagle and Abridius are the GMs of Late Night All Stars.  Both of them were in some large guilds, but got frustrated by the lack of opportunities for late night players, so they started the guild to specifically recruit those fueled by coffee, alcohol and energy drinks that play later at night.  Nobleeagle has ten, yes ten, toons in the guild.  You can see if it's an alt of his by the note in the guild information.  Abridius has three alts, but he's mainly on Abridius because he's a pvp titan gearing up epic.  Ask them anything.  Speak up!  They want to make this guild the best damn one on the server.  Abridius tends to be on longer and earlier than Noble, but they're often on at the same time so they can give a second opinion if you need it.

The guild bank

540000529_Inactive, Oct 16, 08 9:54 PM.
You may have noticed you can't withdraw money from the guild bank.  This is for a reason: see our bonus system!  If we let people pull money out and repair, we wouldn't have any money left.  You can always donate to the guild bank, and that will get you a promotion real quick! 

However, you CAN take out items once you achieve member status.  People are always putting crap in there they can't use, so don't be shy about grabbing it even if just to auction it off.  However, don't abuse this privilege.  We're trusting and on the honor system, but if there's one thing we hate, it's mercenaries and ninjas.  Level 15s that are pulling a level 70 item every day to auction off are going to get kicked. 

Bonus System

540000529_Inactive, Oct 16, 08 9:30 PM.
Because this is a leveling guild, we want you to level.  As fast as possible.  We give a biweekly bonus for all guild members of good standing as of Sunday at 9pm.  To qualify, you need to a) be signed up in our guild as of Sunday at 9pm, b) have leveled one level in the past month, and c) have been logged on in the past week.

The bonus scales upward as you level up: Levels 1-9, 1g; Levels 10-19, 2g; Levels 20-29, 3g; Levels 30-39, 5g; Levels 40-49, 8g; Levels 50-59, 12g; Levels 60-70, 18g; Levels 71-80, 25g.

There are also bonuses for hitting your mount levels (30, 60 and 80).  The level 30 bonus is 5g and the level 60 bonus is 20g.  This will ease the hit to your wallet or man-purse as you buy the riding skills.

Level 80 is a special ding and deserves a special bonus.  You need to have uninterrupted membership in the guild since level 78 to qualify.  The bonus for dinging 70 is at least 40g, but it MULTIPLIES by how long you've been in the guild.  If you've been in the guild since level 60-69, the bonus is 2x or 80g.  If you've been in the guild since level 50-59, the bonus is 3x, or 120g!  The biggest bonus is if you've been in the guild since level 9 or under, 8x or 320g. 

We also give bonuses to 70s for instance runs.  There are always lowbies wanting to run RFK, SM, etc, and they need your help.  Host a run for at least one person and get 10g!

We're thinking up new bonuses all the time to keep people interested, so if you have an idea, bring it up on guild chat and we'll hash it out.
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