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Bregan D'aerth Mercenaries
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New BDAM Forum
Oct 28, 08 7:59 PM
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Welcome to the Bregan D'aerth webpage!

The site is currently going under construction, as is the Corporation itself.

    About the Corporation: Bregan D'aerth is going to be a mercenary and pirate organization with manufacturing ties to help support our combat pilots. 
    For the first stage of the corporation, I will be looking for a total of 25 (including myself) combat pilots to fill in 5 5-man squads. Each squad needs a tackler pilot, ewar pilot, commanding pilot (e.g. someone with lots of leadership skills), and either two dps pilots or a dps pilot and scouting pilot (covert ops). 
    Also in the first stage we will be recruiting as many industrial pilots as possible to help get us off our feet, and I will begin looking at prospective officers at this time as well.

This is all the info about the corporation at this time.

New BDAM Forum

sogortheogre, Oct 28, 08 7:59 PM.
Welcome to the new forum... currently undergoing construction.
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