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We look pro

- Tom

We are Recruiting!!

Wtfcad, Nov 8, 08 4:15 PM.



If you want to be a part of this then let us know!!

We don't do the whole application thing, but we do bring you with us as a sort of "try out" to see if you would fit well in our guild.

If you are a dedicated player who likes to PVP AND PVE then get a hold of us in game and we can set something up!

PVE Content

Wtfcad, Oct 19, 08 2:31 PM.
I've gotten a lot of requests to post some screenshots from our care bear romps through the PvE content that Euphoria has beaten so far, so here it is.

For those unaware, in order to progress in pve in WAR a group must obtain a few (at least 3) pieces of Bloodlord Armor (the actual set pieces, not belts / capes) because the pieces have a passive ward against large chunks of damage dealt in the initial two six-man instances in Altdorf / IC. For example, with no Bloodlord armor on I was being hit for about 6,000 by bosses in these instances. With 3 pieces of gear on, it was about 2,500 or less.

The Bloodlord pieces drop from the following Bastion Stair bosses:

Thar'Ignan = Boots
Lord Slaurith = Shoulders
Kaarn the Vanquisher (currently bugged and not killable) = Helmet
Skull Lord Var'Ithrak = Chest
* Any boss has a chance to drop gloves in addition to the assigned pieces.

Thar 'Ignan is quite easy, but Lord Slaurith snags a lot of people because its the first healing / ae dmg intensive pve fight. The easiest way we've found to kill him is to havethe tank sit absolutely still during the fight in order to avoid getting the 4,000 dmg/ tick ae dot on the group. If Lord Slaurith channels a spell and noone is in melee range when he begins the channel, he will do the dot it seems; it appears to be an anti-kiting mechanism. The rest of the group runs around in a spread out formation to avoid the orbs he places on the ground that do 2-4k a second when you stand in them. If anyone dies during this fight, they cannot be ressed unless its done with a Morale res or a self res buff. You can get a good idea of positioning in this screen shot:

Bastion has not really proven to get much harder than this guy, so I won't get to in depth into the instance. The first two six man instances, however, were much more diificult -- as they should be.

Some screenies of bosses in Bloodwrought:

Boss #1

This was a tank and spank fight with a mob that does moderate ae dmg and a periodic frontal cleave; it was a simple fight. Boss dropped a Sentinal War Staff (Level 40 Blue) and an epic item used to lower the Final Bosses Hit Chance.

Boss #2

This Lich - Type boss was a bit tougher and took a few wipes to get down. He does a lot of AE elemental damage along with a nasty ae spell that reduces morale and ap regen. At certain percentages, he despawns and 5 skeletonal knights pop out that hit for about 1100 vs light armor; after 30 seconds the boss reappears and resumes ae'ing -- whether the adds are dead or not. Add control is key otherwise you quickly get over-run. He dropped a Sentinal Cape (level 40) and an epic item that lowers the attack speed and damage of the final boss.

Boss #3

I didnt manage to snap a shot of this boss, but it was a lot tougher than the lich. Its a fight that requires a lot of coordination to get down; consequently it is also the first boss who drops Sentinal set pieces -- we recieved 3x Boots and 1 Belt which all had unique graphics and impressive stats / set bonuses. The fight consists of 3 centigors who have to be tanked away from one another. There is a master, a bard, and a bouncer. The bard ae heals periodically so he must be tanked away from the boss when the ability is off- cooldown. The bouncer will enrage and give all 3 an atk speed and damage increase if he gets too close to the boss. Essentially the Bard must be taunted back and forth between tanks on seperate sides of the room between heals and enrage buffs. Also, there are beer mugs on the ground that give the Mobs buffs or abilities if they are allowed to pick one up and drink it. The ranged dps in our group killed them whenever they spawned. In addition to the set pieces, the boss dropped an epic key that allows access to the final boss.

Final Boss

I'm not going to lie, this boss is tough as hell. To begin, he hits vs. a well geared tank for about 3k after mitigation. A second tank is a must here because of the utility of Guard stacking. He has a short timer enrage that can be removed with our witch elf ability 'Remove Blessing'. The enrage increases damage by 100%, but it can be healed through. He whirlwinds about every 60 seconds for about 5,000 base damage which can make quick work of any melee dps. His two primary abilities are what make the fight so unforgiving - Charge and Exploding Shout. Charge causes him to randomly target a member of the raid and rush them at bout 500% movement speed. Once he gets to that player, he hits them with a single strike for about 6,000. Our healers had to detaunt the entire fight in order to surive these and he does them pretty often -- about every 15-20 seconds. He can charge the tank as well which will cause a 2 second deagro; this can cause things to get hectic -- especially if #2 on the threat list is a melee dps class. His Exploding shout is the show-stopper. Every 30-35 seconds between charges he will slam the ground and cause debris to fly all over the place. This will throw everyone in the room back about 50 feet and put a debuff on the entire party that increases damage taken by 400% for 7 seconds. Essentially the entire group must avoid him during this time or they will be one-shot'd. The fight is incredibly unforgiving and the slightest mistake will cause a wipe; we found that luck played a large part in the encounter as well. A bad crit on a healer can easily hit for 8-10k. Our best attempt so far is 21%; we hope to have him down within the next run or so. This boss drops 3 Epic level 40 set-piece helms and has a chance to drop an epic weapon / set piece belts.

It has been difficult to find any first hand info on some of this content, so I hope this is helpful at some length. There are a lot of rumors flying around that these bosses are bugged and hit too hard or are impossible, but they aren't -- they are just not easy. Thus far all of us in Euphoria can agree that these fights are well thought out and fun to execute -- the final boss in particular.

The instance that follows Bloodwrought Enclave is the Bilerot burrows. We have been able to kill the first boss -- who drops random blues of no consequence and we have made it to the second boss. I'll post more on this content when we have a firmer grasp on the mechanics of the fights.
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