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Welcome to The Exiie!

We are a Horde Guild on the US PvP server Jaedenar. Our focus as a guild is to be a friendly, laid back, semi-hardcore PvE guild. We are still in the process of recruiting new members, and getting organized for raiding.

At The Exiie, we understand that you (most likely) have a life outside of the game, and we do to. We understand that you can't give up your life just to raid... but at the same time, we ask that you try to make at least 80% of the raids, and let us know if you will not be able to be present.

-The Exiie

Other Guild News

Hero Class: Death Knight

540035320_Inactive, Nov 17, 08 8:50 AM.

Since the release of Wrath of the Lich King, the new Hero Class has been released, Called the Death Knight. This class is available to anyone who has the expansion, and a character above level 55. At this time, If you have a Death Knight that wishes to Join the guild, you must be level 58.


New Guild Website, Just in time for Wrath!

540035320_Inactive, Nov 12, 08 11:24 AM.

As I'm sure you already know.. but If you don't, Blizzard's new expansion is released tomorrow at Midnight. (November 13th, 2008) If your going to brave the night, and crowds of people... I wish you luck :P I still haven't made up my mind if I'm that stupid to do that yet. But with the New Expansion, comes a new website... now this website might not be permanent, but It will serve us alot better then our old website.. at least till we get a permanent one. So if you would, please register, to make it easier to both of us.. along with the fact that come raiding season.. people who sign up on the website will get first priority for raid invitations. Anyway, I changed the website alittle, I thought we should get in the zone for Northrend.. So enjoy the cold! (:

See you in Northrend!!!


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