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Oct 22, 08 8:43 PM
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The Phoenix Guard

Welcome to the official website of our guild.

I have created this guild in an attempt to create a solid community that is not based on social circles or hardcore gaming. This guild is merely a way for people to work together towards the greater goal of becoming the best guild on the server through teamwork.

The one main thing that I want everyone to know is that when you do something for the guild, help people out in the guild, or anything of that nature, make sure that you bring it up to me or other officers. The reason being is I want people to be rewarded for their efforts, not forgotten and left to sit in the background.

All in all, I just want to welcome the new people to the guild as well as encourage our regular members to keep up the good work and help build a great community.



P.S. This site is still under construction so please leave comments in the forums as to what you want to see on the site and sign up so that you can access the member only features.

Rank System

540007362_Inactive, Oct 22, 08 8:43 PM.
Many people may be confused as to how they gain rank and influence in the guild. I will break it down for you right here and right now...

Recruit --> Private                           Being online for a few days in a row

Private --> Pheonix Guard                Being a regular and active member

Pheonix Guard --> Guard Captain     Lead a squad of 5 Pheonix Guards

Guard Captain --> Master of Arms    2 Guard Captains under you

Master of Arms --> Master of War     2 Master of Arms under you

M.of.W --> Pheonix Lieutenant          2 Master of War under you

Pheonix Lt. --> Pheonix Captain        2 Pheonix Lt's under you


It may seem complicated but all you must worry about is creating squads and becoming a Guard Captain. From there you show your worth on the battlefield and you will do well.

Thanks and good luck out there,

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