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Welcome to Loot Monkeys

You are now in Loot Monkey's communication hub!  Here you will find everything you need to manage your game time, find information on your class, and be kept up-to-date on valuable gaming and guild information.  Your participation in this site is important for you and all members.  With clear, organized communication we can increase our progression time, stay current on game changes, and have easier access to the sites we all use.

Loot Monkeys is a dedicated raiding guild that offers a more casual attitude toward gaming, works hard for it's members, and uses a 'team-first' mentality that has proven effective in keeping players relaxed and enjoying game progression.  Many have found a renewed love of WOW through us.  We hope this continues as friendships are formed and bosses go down!!!

If you are a new member of Loot Monkeys trying to sign up, please use a username that is either the same or close to your 'main' name in the game.

If you are not a member of Loot Monkeys, but would like to become one, please fill out the online application form for our careful consideration.

WoW Guild Rankings
Post Title Poster Posted
Loot Monkeys no longer only Rabidhamster 1/1/2010 2:34 AM
Guild Achievement!
General Vezax 10 - DOWN!! 6/21/09
General Vezax 10 Down

Boss kills

The Siege of Ulduar (10s 4/26/2009) (25s 5/2/2009)
  1. Flame Leviathan               (10s 4/19/2009) (25s 4/24/2009)
  2. XT-002                            (10s 4/19/2009) (25s 5/1/2009)
  3. Razorscale                       (10s 4/26/2009) (25s 5/2/2009)
  4. Ignis the Furnace Master   (10s 4/26/2009) (25s 5/2/2009)
The Antechamber of Ulduar (10s 5/3/2009) (25s pending)
  1. Assembly of Iron             (10s 5/3/2009) (25s pending)
  2. Kologarn                         (10s 4/26/2009) (25s 6/13/2009)
  3. Auriaya                           (10s 5/3/2009) (25s 6/25/2009)
The Keepers of Ulduar (10s 6/7/2009) (25s pending)
  1. Hodir                             (10s 5/4/2009) (25s pending)
  2. Thorim                           (10s 5/12/2009) (25s pending)
  3. Freya                             (10s 5/12/2009) (25s pending)
  4. Mimiron                          (10s 6/7/2009) (25s pending)
The Decent Into Madness (10s pending) (25s pending)
  1. General Verax                (10s 6/21/2009) (25s pending)
  2. Yogg Saraon                   (10s pending) (25s pending)
Observerd (10s pending) (25s pending)
  1. Algonon the Observer      (10s pending) (25s pending)

Eye of Eternity
  1. Malygos (10s 2/08/09) (25s 3/29/2009)

Obsidian Sanctum
  1. Sartherian     (10s 1/08/2009) (25s 1/14/2009)
  2. One Drake     (10s Pending) (25s 3/18/2009)
  3. Two Drakes   (10s Pending) (25s Pending)
  4. Three Drakes (10s Pending) (25s Pending)

Boss kills

Arachnid Quarter
  1. Anub'Rekhan                 (10s 1/2/2009) (25s 1/29/2009)
  2. Grand Widow Faerlina   (10s 1/2/2009) (25s 1/29/2009)
  3. Maexxna                        (10s 1/2/2009) (25s 1/29/2009)
Plague Quarter
  1. Noth the Plaguebringer  (10s 1/3/2009) (25s 1/30/2009)
  2. Heigan the Unclean        (10s 1/3/2009) (25s 1/30/2009)
  3. Loatheb                          (10s 1/4/2009) (25s 1/30/2009)
Construct Quarter 
  1. Patchwerk                     (10s 1/4/2009) (25s 1/30/2009)
  2. Grobbulus                     (10s 1/5/2009) (25s 1/31/2009)
  3. Gluth                             (10s 1/6/2009) (25s 1/31/2009)
  4. Thaddius                       (10s 1/6/2009) (25s 2/16/2009)
Military Quarter
  1. Instructor Rasuvious    (10s 1/10/2009) (25s 1/29/2009)
  2. Gothik the Harvester     (10s 1/10/2009) (25s 1/29/2009)
  3. The Four Horsemen      (10s 1/11/2009) (25s 1/30/2009)
Naxxramas Frostwyrm Lair
  1. Sapphiron                     (10s 1/18/2009) (25s 2/16/2009)
  2. Kel'thuzud                     (10s1/18/2009) (25s 2/16/2009)

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