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Who we are...

This is not your grandma's Super Group.  Angry Angels is a premier Super Group based in the Virtue server of PlayNC/NCsoft's City of Heroes, an award winning MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) community.  This guild offers a home for all female avatars.  All guild chapters (1 in Test, 6 in Virtue .. 4 Hero & 2 Villain) have the same format and feel.  This allows our members to interact with one another for game assistance and friendly social banter with seamless continuity.  Angry Angels, though many choirs, is one cohesive guild.

Our large base offers active players
a light RP setting (super light...we pretend to be ..err " are" major hotties *seksi wink*)
with organized events, blended roster teams, and firm but friendly codes of conduct.  A diverse group, we welcome any degree of "gamer" enthusiasts and "roleplay" aficionados.

How it all started...

Arena:  As a rising storm of villainy consumed Paragon, heaven's darkest order cast their wings asunder...
Private Messages:  (cuties, the “feel“ won‘t work unless you read this in a sexy brit accent and play the Soundtrack to Blade or Star Wars ;) I suggest you loot my neighbor’s RP dress closet and start over from “As a rising storm..” )
...a brave descent from a legion of celestial intercessors. Last called to arms 73 BC, The Angry Angels surrendered to a faster era returning to earth in 2004 AD.
Private Messages:  And you may ask, "But, why do they dress so well for a group of naive-to-the-ways-of-MTV / choir singing / feather plucked chicas with Fallen-from-Grace Syndrome?". And I say: “Circumstance! Hotties are always hotties!” :)

Supergroup:  The ascendants found themselves materialized in a sacred temple... the changing rooms of Icon ;) This new foundation replaced their lost firmament and clothed the heavenly bodies with the latest haute couture, setting a timeless path for all women in Paragon. Thus ancient forms adopted modern visage.
Private Messages:  I mean, honestly, have you seen us? ;)
Request/Action:  Growing ranks of opposition have necessitated that both hands of heaven drive down the chaos permeating the city's streets. Following the Ides of March Brewers Festival in New Braunfels TX (no such thing but that small town does hold kick ass events for Octoberfest) , a torrent known to man as Angry Angel Devas formed in 2005 AD. 
Coalition:  Now, the last battle close at hand with threadbare whispers of uprising from a sinister legion, Arachnos, our halls have since reached out to new choirs: Angry Angels Academy, Angry Angels 5.0, and a practice regiment, The Angry Angels of Virtue (in ready formation on testing grounds). 
Broadcast:  Long live the house that Angels built.

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"Years later, of all the Gospels I learnt in Seminary school, a verse from St.Paul stays with me.  It is perhaps the strangest passage in the bible, in which he writes: 'Even now in Heaven there are Angels carrying savage weapons.' "

- Thomas Daggett, The Prophecy (1995)

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