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We are a Freeport Vox server guild who recently achieved level 40, which means nightmares for everybody! We are not a raiding guild for the time being. This guild is all about friendship and having fun. Well, and killing Q's of course, but that should go without saying... Our guild leaders are Adustau, Balzjonnsuun, Bloodtorrent, Elak, Fynnmckool, Oglethorpe, Predetor, Shadowbolt, Veoji, Vikka, and Wortzandall. If you want to join us we're always looking to broaden our player base for all levels and classes. Just send a tell to one of our guild leaders in game if you think this guild is for you. Selfish assholes need not apply. 'Nor should cry babies, because we love to poke fun at each other and have a good time. Our main status contributor is Shadowbolt, a level 80 master sage and 74 wizard. This guild was started on June 18, 2008 and reached the hallmark of level 40 at an amazing pace. We have 91 members divided over 39 accounts, all of which are people who are good hearted and always willing to help. We use mature humor at times and love to chat and quest. Our guild hall is a tier one guild hall located in Timorous Deep. We have almost all of the amenities one could ask for, including harvesters, a guild druid, spires to the overrealm, guild recall, and crafting tables galore. Slowly but surely we are gaining hatred from Qeynosian guilds all across Norrath as we search and destroy any Qs that decide to leave the protection of their poor excuse for a city. Also, if you're having a long day then I assure you there's nothing more satisfying than verbally abusing Adustau, our guild whipping post. Muahahaha! Anyway, as I stated before if you are interested please send a tell to any of our guild leaders in game. For those of you that don't know we are a freeport only guild(that's the only way it can be on PvP). Peace out homies! Also this guild is home to Casey Affleck, Ben's little brother!!!

"Q's, the other other white meat."
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